Vlog - Newsroom: Current bush radio #1



Here are my travel favorites, which I am currently following in more detail:

From a current Transafrica (Western route), to the current Silk Road with Russia & Iran, Panamericana to trips within Europe.

Article: Vlog - Newsroom: Current bush radio #1

The short version of the respective status is included, for those who don't have that much time...

So you should quickly see whether the topics/priorities or travel regions addressed there are exciting for you.

Also snapped and linked: Ebola and TIP/Carnet issues could currently make travel more difficult on the transafrica over the east.

Enjoy browsing!



I was asked because of the provided Picture:
"was there a car wash right around the corner at the photo shoot?"
This is deceptive on the one hand, on the other hand I had there relatively fresh a longer distance "in the little river" behind me, so to speak, instead of fording across, it went a while in the small river ahead.

Nothing wild, max as deep as a 33" tire is high. DH clean in front, otherwise mixed.

That led me out of the Peruvian jungle back to the coast, actually a no-go area according to locals and police in Tingo Maria, for me one of the most beautiful passages of the whole trip.

concerning passage in the South America travel blog:

At the bottom of the blog you can scroll through the days with "Newer Post" and "Older Post" - if it interests you...

The overnight stay in the hamlet without any electricity and the convivial evening - remains unforgotten for my part anyway.

Also the vehicle ferry on the way there, looked accordingly, without felt 15km hardcore corrugated iron to the ferry, I would have me the cross then probably clamped. Especially because other passengers caused rather unpleasant feelings.

But - I digressed - the photo in the opening post should only visualize the overlanding character of the post...




What's on the minds of the travel world right now?

We show ways out of the TIP/Carnet problem in Ethiopia, we discovered the hottest woman on a motorcycle on a world trip. And show the current common vehicles on the Panamericana.

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