Volkwagen Cross Golf

Hi Everybody

This is my Golf Plus Cross. It is a 2008 1.9 Tdi. Based on a golf plus it has from the factor increased ride height of 20mm over standard wide arch trims and styled bumpers. The increase in ride height was the first thing that attracted me to the car as I live in a rural area. Unfortunately it doesn't have AWD but having said that it does cope with back lanes and un-pathed roads really well. Great on MPG.

I do a lot of activities in the outdoors and this car suits the bill bang on. Massive load area and loads of room inside the vehicle. I have already purchased roof load bars and a roof box. I have only had the car a short time and have some plans already which include
Fridge in the rear
Aux lighting
AT tyres

I would really love some AT tyres for it but think I will have to drop the wheel size to 16" to get tyres to fit as currently on 17" wheels. Any help on this with this would be appreciated.

Any suggestions for improvement are much appreciated.

Thank for looking


Another Friday another snow fall for us here in the UK. Were are expecting more over the weekend. There blows my plans of getting some jobs ticked off on the car. Think i may go and get the winters fitted this weekend. Looking at getting Cooper Weather master WSC for it


Nice day out with the dog and the kids.

Went out in search of snow and found it. Took the Cross Golf on some un-pathed roads and was very impressed with it. Went with a friend who has a VW Tiguan and went everywhere he went. Still waiting for my tyre and think it will be so much better with these fitted as will give a little lift and more traction. Started mounting my light bar and emergency lights over the holidays. Will get some more pictures when all fitted. Also got a roof box and looking for a luggage basket in the next few weeks. Got the Ham radio installed with the glass mount in the front screen, would like to get a different mount antenna at some point (any recommendations welcome).
When the temperatures start to rise going to be looking at getting the car set up for camping etc.

Any suggestions and comments welcome

Lady Canning NS.jpg Lady Canning OS 2.jpg Lady Canning Track and car.jpg Lady Canning track.jpg