Volvo 2 - No not another one WR6973


2 September 2016

Ok so while rebuilding the Volvo I got the idea to restore another and do it faster this time and do the work myself where posible.

Volvo's here for sale are few and far between.

Suddenly we had one for $70,000rm(15,000EU) "restored" looked terrible. Then one popped up for 16,000rm (3,000EU) I rung and got an appointment. To my surprise when I viewed it he had turned down offers for the truck as people only wanted the axles.

I made an offer showed him pics of Volvo 1 and he said SOLD.

So this is the story of a secret build (my wife has no idea) until I finish it.

It will not be an expedition truck but i'm leaving it here as there is no forum suitable on this site for it's eventual style.

Pickup condition

It's ROUGH I know the tourist resort it ran out of and saw it being abused never thinking I would ever own it.

Right rear cross member is ripped of the chassis. Left side is bent.

It seats 12 people FRU policeman in full riot gear lol!

It's nice side

The wheels turn

Looks better in the setting sun in my friends private ship salvage workshop or does it?
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Master of Escape
I think your wife will figure you are up to something before you finish the restore :D (Women's intuition)
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21 September 2016

First nights work on it remove the ugly front winch mount

Finished looks nicer already

Removed the passenger seat and cleanup up. The rust becomes apparent.

The pile of scrap metal starts to grow. I'm sure they will make a compact Ford out of this soon.


16 October 2016

Two of us attack the rear tray object is total removal of it over the coming days

3 hours later and 38 cutting wheels are consumed but the sides are removed.

The pile of scrap gets bigger

Peter runs around and takes pics of the inside for me.



23 October 2016

New Makita 7" grinder in hand.

Commence to cut the bed up. A plasma cutter arrives Tuesday

2 hours I got this far.

Then I got a process going and 4 hours I had the left side removed.

The pile of scrap grows

So what is the plan.

Since Volvo 1 is 2 hours away I am planning to work on Volvo 2 at night after work until I finish Volvo 1.

This is the idea so far:
- Bad Arse big offroad tuck like they have never seen in Malaysia
- Rugged shopping trolley to go to expensive malls and jockey park it beside the farking porches ferraris's

and Bentley's if you think I'm joking I'm not lol.
- Toss the rear tray steel round tube tray with alloy tray and slightly chopped.
- Full restore of cabin covered in a comp spec rollcage - think Dakar truck - Rahmat from Rahmat playhouse

garage is already crying after seeing the pics
- 2 winches probably 8274's
- fix missing section of right rear chassis
- Bob the rear chassis 12inches
- Rear mounted radiator and intercooler etc
- Air suspension and if I can get past road transport a-frame suspension
- 2 sets of doors one with windows chopped off other full doors (handbag days out with wife).
- Fit race harness seats and belts
- Engine possibly 15B-T (4.1 litre 4 cyl diesel) and Toyota auto gearbox and that will be it one big fun

offroad truck that I may use in comp to show because I CAN lol
- Air suspension kit has been ordered and the air guy came around to look at the truck.
- Rollcage made in IPOH rest done in KL at a workshop near work or home.


1 December 2016

Had some free time tonight so decided to try and remove the flat tire and starrt removing the wiring loom or do the rollcage.

So first task get this flat tyyre off finally. Heat 3 minutes one side of the nut and then about 60 seconds on the other whack the breaker bar with the 4lb hammer a couple of times and hey presto I had a result.

I decided it was late so started on the rollcage template and see how the sketch looks like in full size. I
will finish it all off on Saturday so far it's looking good.



April 2017

The Volvo 2 has a new name "BADASS".

The tow truck picked it up from the current secret location.

Then it was ready to transport to the next stage of it's transformation into BADASS.

Then it arrived at the panel shop. So shocked they were they locked the doors lol.

Daylight inspection shows the damage.

Right rear cross member missing. Middle Bent from a bad recovery the wire and the left side also BENT. It

will be cut off and replaced by me later at the RACE shop.

The inside is a mess floors non existant.

Front is pretty bashed up as is the top of the cabin.

However, Rahmat says all fixable and I'm welcome to come down when they start and work on the truck also.

It's now in the queue in the workshop Stage 2 will commence when they finish the current jaloppies,

Including a 1968 mustang and a 1950's chevy.


12 June 201

Great news the panel shop rung me requesting permission to replace interior panels in Volvo 2 they have commenced work on it.

I will get pics when I can. Maybe this saturday.


7 September 2017

They asked me to go down visit Volvo 2 as they had made progress and cabin not long from being separated from chassis.

Took them lunch also. THis is the first view I got neat Rhamat and crew working on it.

Bracing on the inside some work had been done on the front sides to pull the panels out to make them all flush again.

The rear view nothing to see here.

Inside view then the cheeky workshop cat decided I had food and started to investigate next time I will take him food. YUp the floor is rotten and are some of the interior panels.

Rahmat starts dreaming when its all finished I can go for a ride in it - maybe - lol

Yup its uite messy inside

Drivers floor is non existant. I have given them a plan to follow to make it easy to restore.

I like it.

Now the plan.

Next week late the cabin comes off. I take the chasssis to the workshop and we start work on the rollcage and the new rear tray. Will make a decision in the engine and gearbox. Once all done then the suspension and be done and by that time the cabin should be ready to be reinstalled (XMAS) just like a real car manufacturing production line lol.


9 September 2017

So Saturday visit to Volvo 2. Clean the truck then see what else can be done. Clean out all the putty from the cabin join and see all the rust in the joint area sigh such a negelected Volvo. I remove the side windows and finally the cabin strip is completed.

Out comes the pressure washer and it just blasts holes in the rust in the cabin. The chassis is fine and all the years of mud get washed off. No other issues with the chassis found apart from the rear cross member issue.

OMG the pressure washer just disintergrated the floor.

So after the wash we decide to see how bad the rsut is and any repairs have been done. We heat the paint and peel off sections to see where the damage is we find a TREE hit with a poor repair above and below the grill resulting in rust underneath which means bith sections need to be replaced. The quality of the old repair work is well shonkey to say the least.

End of the day its hometime all I have is a pile of peeled off bodyfiller and paint on the floor and the tar seal from the inner floor with about 30% left still to stripp out.

From here on its all posative as they can finally start the rust removal surgery.

Went and called in at the other workshop had dinner with the them and they will store the VOlvo chassis in the new paint shop until their workshop relocastion is completed. Anyway we have a plan we can execute.

Oh the workshop kitty relaxing
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16 September 2017

Visit to Volvo 2 cabin workshop

First the cheeky workshop cat.

They have done tonnes of work stripping the paint off with a heat gun looking for holes and repairs etc.

The rear looks ok apart from the rear panel it has a few bad spots.

Then I started on the cabin template from plywood/ Next weekend will finish the front side so we can build the roll cage while the cabin gets surgery.


21 October 2017

The Cabin and chassis have been separated after some difficulties with pulling the steering wheel off.

The chassis is ready to go to the rollcage workshop.

Saturday morning they have stripped the roof with a heatgun no sign of holrs or rust. Sandblasting is next.

The tow truck eventually arrives and is loaded up.

Then it's dropped in to its new home. It will have a PINZ for a roommate.

Work starts next week on the rollcage after a design discussion.