Volvo 2 - No not another one WR6973


14 July 2018

LIfe been busy 5 days with the orphanage kids on a kayaking training camp then working last 3 weekends and next 2 sigh.

However meantime the freight company contacts me 12th July the Container arrives and delivery will be around 17th July.

The 13th 2pm I get a OCS message with pics on it the Cabin bottom has been delivered to the workshop. Wow less than 24 hours in dock and it's delivered.

I pop over after work and spend 90 minutes pulling the crate apart. The cabin looks immaculate.

Then Saturday I popped in and we move the cabin to the newly built Volvo 2 bay in the workshop

Any illussions on whether I should have bought the cabin are squashed by this pic.

Will be 3 weeks before I can do anything to Volvo 2.


21 July 2018

Working today so morning rush out have nice breakfast then and do shopping errands. Collect the new race seats for the Volvo and deliver them before heading to the office but not after going to the Garmin shop to sort out the continuing insane issues with the crap product the GArmin 585 GPS and its associated software. Then its 12.00am in the office and again at 4am to 8am sigh,

Andrew has been busy measuring up the rear panel to get the template ready to have it laser cut.

After working the last 3 weekends I'm worn out.

It's going to be 3 weeks before I can work on the VOlvo unless I finish the deadline Tuesday So I can have Saturday on the Volvo before I work the night shift sigh.


5 August 2018

Worked the last 4 weekends I have no idea which day it is. But quitely in the background Andrew has been weaving his magic on Volvo 2.

Since the front panel was 2 piece Andrew replicated it exactly - no I'm not replacing the orignal 1.2mm with a single 2mm front plate. Side view of the two plates joined.

Side view of the two plates joined.

Old front panel was removed from the top panel.

Now it's ready to be welded in.


11 August 2018

Wife went to screen printing class I went to work on Volvo 2. Axle assembley day.

Took us 4 hours but eventually we got the axles assembled. Now I have to go buy 24 new diff lock nuts and replace every diff nut one at a time. Then every portal bolt - 8 per wheel as some of them are shwoing signs of stretching and wear from the portal bolts not being kept tight or locktighted by the previous abusers used on them they have worked their way loose and are now useless.

Landcruiser II Discs and callipers adorn the portals and all new bearings all round.

Front axle

Rear axle.

Oh I also bought Volvo 3 now affectionately know as Volvo 4. Went half's with my buddy the boat builder. Delivery is Wednesday.


1 September 2018

Long weekend and I gave myself 3 days complete rest after the long hours at work then the kids home kayaking trip I decided rest was needed.

Went and visted Volvo 2 and 4 while they welded up the mighty Isuzu's exhaust.

They have completed installing the Axles under the chassis and it's standing back on its sneakers.

The cabin front panel is welded in and looks completely factory. Only the "A" piller repair remains/

The engine mounts look like they are getting closer to being completed.
Volvo 4 looks bad in places but definately not as bad as VOlvo 2 was.


6 October 2018

After collecting new winch cables for Volvo1 and the new fridge from the shop it was time for lunch then work on Volvo 2 for the afternoon.

Work is held up on Volvo 2 engine mounts due to the unexpected Pinzgauer engine rebuild going on on the restored Pinz. 2 people took the engine apart and then got removed from the workshop so the poor workshop owner is trying to put it all together after balncing the pistons and conrods. This truck needs to be finished to give Volvo 1 a bay when it's transported from IPOH to Kuala Lumpur in the coming weeks.

Meantime we decided to work on the new doors and sanded them down ready for primer and tapped all the dents out from the transporting from Sweden to Malaysia.

All was ok until breakfast decided to upset my stomach sigh.

The engine mounts look like they are getting closer to being completed however then the other PINZ decided to spit all its oil out the dipstick on startup in the afternoon. Oops another rebuild needed more delays to Volvo 2.
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28 April 2019

There is a break with Volvo 1 so I was sick of the rats running over Volvo 2 cabin it was time to pull it out and clean it up ready to drop Top cabin on it. A heap of effort from the 3 of us dragged it over the gravel driveway then gave it a huge bath. The rat jumping out inches from my face did not impress me.

Cleaned and moved into it's new room.


1 May 2019

Volvo 2 day decide to get rid of the surface rust on the roof of Volvo 2 it's getting bad with the huge amounts of rain we are having.5 hours of wire brushing and 600grit sandpaper I have it cleaned up and painted. It looks surprisingly good only a few spots need some body filler applied.

Then its onto the rear panel the little corner I have cut out and bent up is missing I need to remake it sigh.

It's a great view as I head home knowing forward progress is being made. Once Volvo 1 is complete Volvo 3 will join Volvo 2 in the same bay.


Wahoo the JD Squared 32 bender has arrived from the USA at some point we can commence to build the roll cages for Volvo 2 and 4 once we set it up on the shop floor and relocate the notching tool and the vice etc.

However its missing a PIN from the parts kit. We cannot finsh assembling it until the vital pin arrives.a