Volvo 4 - WR6944 x-Malaysian Police Riot Squad.


6 November 2018 Volvo 4 - WR6944 x-Malaysian Police Riot Squad.

Introducing Volvo 4.

Volvo 1 is almost completed
Volvo 2 is stuck in the queue waiting for Engine mounts to be built while they attend to the unexpected Pinzgauer engine rebuild during the middle of a PINZ restoration project.
Volvo 3 is with Adam the boat builder 365k away Near Penang
Volvo 4 Adam and myself have gone 50/50 in Volvo 4 since Volvo 1-4 are all going to be put into a business venture along with 2 more Volvos and the PINZ's.

The number plate is only a week away from Volvo 1 and 2.

I got a call from the guy who bought Volvo 1's engine asking me if I wanted his Volvo as he needed to sell it. A deal was done.

The engine I sold him was partially stripped by the workshop he left it at while thet were repairing it and dissappeared along with many other engine parts.

From a distance it looks ok.

It's got a bit of rust

Yes that is the original windows they look pretty unhealthy

The inside is a mess and will need extensive surgey to fix it.

The roof is quite bad and will take a log of work to fix it.

The drivers side floor as usual is gone.

Even the doors are suffering due to the Volvo being left outside.

Surprisingly the usual rust spot between the top and bottom cabins is not too bad.

From the front grill there is a bit of rust to fix.

Passenger floor is also a mess.

I can fix it.

Surprising the taillights are original and intact.

This truck was not abused like Volvo 2 only neglected.

Plans its going to be like Volvo 2 - identical twin. Both will be dual putpose with DAKAR style race setup and then a removeable canopy setup for movie shoots etc.
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