VOLVO TGB Expedition Camper


I have no idea why the link didn't work. your doesn't work either...
just try you should be able to find it in the left menu anyway.

The thing is that that engine is not one of Mercedes best ones, it has a tendency to head-cracking and uses a lot of diesel.
This is all something I have been reading, so it is not my first-hand experience though...

Another problem is revs. Eventhough the merc engine is high-revving, I would like a diesel to rev less at cruising speed.

A third issue in my opinion is that mixing engine and gearbox might be a problem down the line, especially if you plan on exploring in the vehicle. That's why we plan on using a complete Toyota driveline and only modified (proffesionally) driveshafts.

I hope that answers your Q, but please reply with your input, the more ideas bounced around the better!


It works for me and I even see that that have kits for putting a diesel in my laplander! :wings:

Below is copied and pasted from your link....

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Begagnade bilar

Byggsats för montering av MB300D/TD i Volvo C303/C306 (TGB11/13/20).

Volvos terrängbil C303/306 (militär beteckning TGB11,13 eller 20) har som standard Volvos 6 cyl B30-motor, vilket gör den väldigt oekonomisk. Bensin-förbrukningen kan ligga uppåt 3-4 lit/mil. Mercedes 6 cyl 300D/TD passar däremot mycket bra i bilen och gör den mycket ekonomisk, de flesta är ju skattebefriade och slipper den höga dieselskatten.
Den medföljande byggbeskrivningen med bilder går mycket grundligt igenom hela installationen. Den finns också på engelska.
Byggsatsen innehåller:
- Nytt svänghjul med bult
- Adapter
- 4 st motorfästen
- Nya generator- fästen (generatorn flyttas till vänstra sidan)
- Nytt fäste för kopplingswiren
- 2 adaptrar för nya spännrullar när generatorremmen dras om
- Adapter för tempgivare
- Byggbeskrivning på 28 sidor med drygt 40 bilder( Svensk eller engelsk).


Just to make sure, I wasn't critizising SMT or what they make, I am just not a big fan of that engine...
- And I drive a merc as my street car... As you can se below in my sig line.

i have a C202 at my shop with a VW 2.4 diesel in it!


Here in the States the Mercedes 300 TD is a very popular conversion into Unimog 404s. They tend to last a very long time in the Sedans that are the Donar vehicles. I just never heard oof these issues and glad you have brought them to our attention. I wish on the other forum they spoke more english. lol It sucks not being able to read your language. Guess I need to learn Swedish. I would like to ask if anyone has done that very conversion and what they thought of it.


Well there are different engine dewsigns by Mercedes, the old OM617 is THE most bulletproof diesel engine in the world! But under-powered...

There are a small group of people tuning them to insane HP. A quote from such a site was something like this: "I knew the Germans had hidden the power somewhere just to see if we could find it!"

The engine I'm not that fond of is the newer and more powerful OM603(606) family.

About the forum I can see your point, but remember they don't speak my language either!
They speak swedish, and I am Danish, and writing them in Danish, the just reply in Swedish, well of course not if the are Norwegian, then they reply in Norwegian. :wings:

You can open a thread on the subject there? I would be glad to do it for you, but I am sure they will be mmost helpful if you do. Otherwise throw a few pips of your snow cats, that WILL win them over! :cool:


Thanks Christian,
I will post later this week on the other site when I get settled in at my new base camp. My poor German reading skills led me to believe it was the same engine in the older 300 Sedans. I should have had my wife read it since she is German. Thanks for the information.


There are still a lot discussions going on about what diesel to put in.

The only standard swap is to a Merc 300(T)D engine, which isn't that great.
Other than that there are a variety of diesels swapped into the Volvo's.

I've heard of Nissan's, Toyot's, Isuzu, some HS2.8 engine swapped in.
Everything is possible, the only limitation is your bank account :D


I would'nt even call the Merc solution a standard. I only know of one swap with this. So as of now it is up to you, or others that have one, to decide...

I am going to England sunday to pick up a Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ70!!! So we have our driveline:wings:
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The Merc engine has a conversion kit available.
It's the only conversion kit I know of, so I think you could call the Merc swap the "standard" swap ;)

Every other swap has to be custom made.

John Koles

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So far we have killed the main source of noise on these machines Vibration. By spraying the bedliner we have reduced the vibration created noise drastically. We have also sealed off the inside with a water tight seal. No leaks! Spraying in the Polyurethane foam we have now insulated the cab with about 1" of insulation. Thats about an R-7 worth of insulation! This will really help reduce in cab heat and cold and allow the RED DOT airconditioner and stock heater to work more efficiently. Thats at least a begining.
Hi Outback I am interested in more information on spray on insulation "No leaks! Spraying in the Polyurethane foam we have now insulated the cab with about 1" of insulation. Thats about an R-7 worth of insulation! This will really help reduce in cab heat and cold and allow the RED DOT airconditioner and stock heater to work more efficiently. Thats at least a begining."
I know this is an old thread but I have just bought a TGB13 6x6 and thanks to Australian Quarantine -they ripped out the pegboard lining and ruined it looking for "soil" so I am replacing the inside panels with a natural 3.5mm Kiri wood panelling and would like to use spray on insulation instead of fibre glass panels. Do you have name of any spray on insulation?

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