VW People....Check in!!!!


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Dealer did it all, but I am in the hospital and will have to get back to you with details/specifics once home...


Update, it’s getting closer to being on the road. Is it spring yet???? Two days after this pic Mother Nature dropped snow:(



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I found it online late one night, it was sitting at a auto lot in Georgia and had been imported from Austria. Lots of emails, pics, phone calls back-and-forth and I purchased it. My girlfriend and I flew to Georgia in the hopes of driving it back to Oregon over the course of five days. We made it as far as Kentucky… Long story short, rebuilt injection pump, rebuilt back axle, lots of going through, and I should have it back today with a new rear axle and ARB locker.
I believe it’s one of a kind. I think it is the only four-wheel-drive Coach built by Vario mobil. It was custom built for a gentleman in Germany during 1985-1986. The coach builder is Vario-mobil and is still in business to this day. It’s pretty cutting-edge for mid 80s. 100 gallons on board freshwater, 30 gallon onboard propane, solar panels original may I might add. Gets about 17 miles to the gallon With a 60 gallon fuel tank. Closed loop boiler heated hydronic heating system.