Want to sell Harley FLHX for a BMW 1200GS

I have been a fan of adventure travel in all forms, and have decided that I want to trade my Harley in for an adventure bike. Its not that I don't like my Harley, but I want it to do well.... MORE!

I took my brother-in-law with me to test drive several bikes from BMW and Triumph.

Test ride results:

Triumph Tiger 1200: Great ride, but not that feature rich
Triumph Tiger 800: Great ride, again not that feature rich and appears more street bias

BMW R1200 GS: Great ride with loads of features looks like its the best all around bike
BMW 800: Ok ride, didn't feel overly powerful and lacks some features that the 1200 has.

I will look again when the weather cleans up here in Colorado.
Wish me and my wallet luck.
Great call.

Based on my experience, I would go Triumph 800 or BMW 1200 GS. Both are excellent machines, with the BMW being a better long-distance cruiser and the Triumph better on the dirt.

Apparently unbeknownst to me Triumph was in the process of releasing an updated version of the Tiger 800 which now has 2 additional offerings the 800 XRx(Road Bias) and the XCx(Off road Bias). I will have to do some more investigation and research...... It was almost a sealed deal on the BMW until last night. I still remember that silky smooth triple of the old 800 from the test ride.
Both are nice

The Triumph looks like it would be happier off road than the BMW. Were you able to find out how tall the seat is? Unlike a lot of folks, I look for a taller seat and a longer distance between seat and pegs. Since I already have my KLR, I think I would lean more towards the GSA. But if I was looking at getting a well rounded bike, that Triumph might be the choice. I like the 21/17 wheel set up too.
Well, the first step in this process has started to occur just waiting on the buyer's bank to close on his loan so I can get my money. The decision is to go with the GS. I will have to post pics when I take it home.
Well its a done deal. I am picking up my new wheels on Sat.

2015 R1200GS Black Storm Metallic with all the bells and whistles. Yay me! Can't wait to take it for a ride.