Wanted: Discovery 2 roof rack, other expedition parts as well


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Hi all,

I'm prepping my 2004 Discovery 2 now and I'm looking for a good roof rack. I live in Los Angeles and would love it if I could find something local. Also, I'm eventually going to add a 3" OME lift, skid plates and diff guards, front and rear bumpers, and lockers. My main priority now is the roof rack but if you have info on any of those for sale, I'd be happy to hear about them.



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Eamon, I also live in the LA area. I just bought my 2004 HSE. Let me know if you wanna meet up and talk rovers some time. I also go offroading with some great guys in the LA area. Would love for you to come along if you are interested. Test out what your truck can do.




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I have a D-II SD rack, RTE front bumper, RTE sliders, fuel tank skid, Greg Davis rear bumper, possibly HD steering components- have to check as I am away through mid July.
The good news is I am headed to Az the end of July, and can meet you there I'd you are interested. All bits are exc cond...

PM of interested