Westward Wander - 8 Day Solo Expedition from Mississippi to the Mountains


Holy smokes. Those pictures are magnificent!!

Thank you very much for posting those pics and report. The beauty must have been stunning in person.

BTW, The four B's is the perfect camping/road diet and has kept me full and happy for decades. Are we brothers from other mothers?
It's a brilliant diet


I was fortunate to watch this trip happen thru another media group. We had just finished our 26 days on the road in similar areas and crossed same roads. Your report is inspiring and we can't wait to do that region again.
Thank you for sharing those excellent shots and an awesome "work" trip!!!


One of these days we will go on an epic trip together and sip some bourbon. Great write up and pictures as usual!

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Thanks for the awesome write up Nolen, you've really shown me some cool stuff and inspired me with your solo wanderings, I love your sense of adventure and Hope to share a camp with ya again before too long


Awesome report. Really makes one appreciate this great country of ours. Thanks for sharing. I love Blakes too btw.


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Cool trip. How do you like the GoPro Karma? I bought a DJI Mavic Pro about a month ago and I am loving it -- big upgrade from my Phantom 3 Standard.


@hulk I really like it. I'm a huge fan of the GoPro camera and the system they have for the Karma is superb. I love the stand alone controller versus the phone. I really love that the gimbal comes out and mounts to a stick that you can clip into GoPro mounts.

All good.


Looked like a great trip!

I tried to do Schnebly Hill Road last week. The section between the Merry Go Round and Vista Point lookout is closed for repair until later this month and then another section will be closed for repair till late August, I can't remember which section. The Forestry website says it's open and the ranger didn't tell me it was closed, I was planning to drive up it from Sedona and camp up the top but couldn't. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/coconino/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5339811

The road was rough and slow going but not difficult. I will go back up later in the year and finish off the rest of the trail and see what they have done.


Awesome trip and pictures! I just finished going across New Mexico but from south to north in the NMBDR (I also wrote a trip report in this section) and intersected your trip in the Grants area. We also did El Moro NM and tried to do El Malipas but for some reason they were closed that day. I love turning work trips into adventures, well done!


Great report and write up this trip was great for the eyes and soul, thanks for taking us along! After just spending 6 days in your home state of Mississippi, that is another area that is great to explore hope to read a bit of local Mississippi back roads from you also!