Wet weather jacket advice please

I can't quite justify spending the money on the Halcon at the moment so bought a HH Seven J as it was on sale as a stopgap.


Have been wearing it to walk the dogs in temperatures of about 23F (with a couple of layers underneath) a bit of snow and wind. No heavy rain yet, but am sure that'll change soon.

Pretty good, comfortable and keeps me warm and dry so far.

Hood's a bit short, but have been wearing a cap under it, so thank you for that.

Will update you when I'm out in heavy rain.

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I have a Helly Hansen shell that I've had a for a few years taht I really like. Before that I had a Patagonia shell that I loved, it was Gore-tex and it was incredibly comfortable. I typically shop sales, Patagonia runs 40% off their entire store a few times a year and that's where I get most of my gear.
If you are looking for something "bomb-proof" and affordable, check out some military clothing options if you can live with camo/drab colors:

- ORC Improved Rain suit (jacket and pants)
- PCU or ECWCS Level 6 Garments (goretex rain jacket and pants)

ORC Improved rain suit is nice and heavy duty, may be too heavy if you need something that packs down nice but is 100% waterproof. I've ridden my motorcycle in a complete downpour (was unsafe, i should have pulled over it was raining that bad, road was like a river) and did not get wet at all (just face area that was exposed).

PCU/ECWCS (get gen3, gen2 is thicker and heavier) Level 6 are a little more light weight materials wise, but just as waterproof. Keep in mind these are designed for layering over under layers of the system so if you want to use them without significant layers underneath, i'd order a size down.

For example, i'm normally a size large regular, but i have a medium regular ECWCS level 6 i use for warmer conditions as its more form fitting. My large ORC suit is very baggy, and i tend to use that in cooler temps when i need a big jacket underneath or multiple layers.

PCU you can find in non-camo (grey and brown colors), ORC i think only comes in camo have not seen any solid color versions.

Ebay or army surplus store to find them.
Thank you Fiddy, I'll check those out.

Not bothered about 'drab' colours/camo as it's the clothing's performance in the wet that I'm more interested in.

As for my HH in heavy rain, it was good and kept me dry, not much of that clammy feeling due to moisture build up inside so pretty good overall.

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