What about a "DIY' Overland Vehiclel building round-table/workshop ?


Just going to step over all the current back and forth.

Avoiding the current talk, I do have to say that I would enjoy seeing a roundtable on DIY overland vehicle builds. I think there are lots of folks that prefer building up their own vehicle. It could be to save some money or simply because they enjoy creating something from thought to finished product.


So interesting problems have been asked. I will not try to answer all of them. ( I just noticed a post has been pulled ? )

Big Trucks and their support ? Anything can get stuck. It will be my job to not put my truck into that position. Get trained on the equipment you will be using. Overland Expo has had great trainers and classes.
With my other truck, I have found having a really good tow package with the Insurance can save you some money when problems happen.

In my other builds, I have found that if I build it I can fix it. At least to a point. I do not have plans to go deep into the uncharted regions. I will be staying with America and Canada.



Interesting idea. Thanks,but for me it won't work for my rig. I will be using the rear of the box for a Rhino on a lift.

But we now have another idea for others to look at and apply.


Thanks. Its a big Ford. Love the Studebaker sun room ! That was a lot of work,I like it.

Wish I could make that van body work on mine. But to clear the spare tire it makes the over-all height over the 12' I'm shooting for.

Looks like the waves brake clean on that beach.


Going to be doing a "DIY" class up at 2019 West Expo. Stop by and have a look see !


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I have found it hard to talk with owners about their truck that were from one of the builders. They got in and drove away and were not a part of the "why" things were done the way were done. ….
this might sound a bit harsh, but the 'look at me' personality sometimes has difficulty in admitting 'I don't know'.

carry on