What are you guys using for boots?


I like to go over the top with gear and bought some MX boots, the SIDI crossfires come highly recommended....I cannot comment yet as I need to adjust the brake before I try using them, but they seem relatively comfortable new. I am using hiking boots now which probably wouldnt even stay on my feet if I went down on the highway, which I usually avoid, but take it enough to be concerned....so need to get those boots on, then I will see if they are somthing I will wear everyday commuting, or if I need a commuting boot as well.
I just received my Gaerne Balanced oiled boots.

Fantastic boot. very very comfortable, sole has a lot of traction, and waterproof. Shin protection etc. Can walk around in them without too much fuss for a moto boot.

I usually wear a size 12 or 12.5 tenni with a wide foot, so i ordered a 13 and came out perfect.
Thanks for that bit of info. I was trying to decide between 12 and 13. Sounds like I need at least a 13.
Yeah, go a size big if in doubt, especially if you have a wide foot.

My 13's fit the way my work boots in a 12 do. I have to tighten the buckles almost all the way, but that leaves room if you need to wear a thicker sock and/or blouse your riding pants into the boot.

I usually order stuff through revzilla, but they charge full retail. Went with motorcycle closeouts and got them for under 300 shipped to my door and had them in a day and a half.
Just switched from Sidi Adventure Goretex to Alpinestars Toucan Goretex. Tried the Toucan on at Atomic Moto here in Bend. Most comfortable motorcycle boot I have ever worn. Great right out of the box. Just did 5 days across the Mojave and they were fantastic. Great review and video at:


I can highly recommend Atomic Moto for info, great customer service and product support. The owners and testers are all local to Bend and put everything through the ringer before selling.