What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

In LGRT's breakfast post coffee was mentioned later in the thread, but I did not want to clog it up since the thread was mainly about food.
So what are you using for making coffee when camping, and what kind?

I use to use a French press when camping, as I also used one at home too.
But they are kind of hard to clean, and use a lot of water.
I have seen the pour overs that are out now that are based on a very old concept of the Melitta pour overs that my parents were using back in the 70s.
I have not tried one.

Last year there was a HUGE thread over on IH8MUD's camping section about camp coffee, and I kept seeing the Aeropress coffee maker popping up.
I decided to buy one last winter, and I liked it so much I bought a second one just to keep in the chuckbox.
There is a little mess leftover, but pretty easy to clean by rinsing with the leftover water from the Hario pot I use to boil the water with.
Yes, I have two of them too, one for home, one for the chuckbox :D
You can see it on the right burner on my stove.

Now as far as coffee goes, I got flipped crap on another site I will not mention, but I think you know the site.
All they do in the thread there is cut down others to make themselves seem better than others.
They even cut down my Outdoor X4 mug :D
I happen to like the Overland Coffee Company "Expedition blend" coffee as seen in the picture below.
It has a bit of chocolate and cherry in it, and it suits me fine.
They also cut down another brand I use at home, but I did not mention, they just talked about it.
That is Black Rifle Coffee, and at home and work I use a Keurig coffee maker, and I use Black Rifle's CAF K-Cups.
CAF stand for "Caffeinated As Fu*&", you get it :D
It is good stuff, and leaves no aftertaste in my mouth, and I also like supporting a veteran and the company he started.
They do make beans too I could grind, but I have not tried them yet.
I also sometimes use the Aeropress at home, but if I am in a hurry, the Keurig is very convenient to use.

But for camping I am now liking the Aeropress/Hario setup, and the Overland Coffee brand.
They also have pour over pouches, but I have not tried them, as I am very satisfied with the Aeropress for now.
I also use a JavaPress burr manual hand crank grinder to grind up the coffee fresh.

So lets here what you are currently using now to make that enjoyable cup of coffee when out in nature and away from the city/work life.

Good ole Folgers crystals for me, it's like crack cocaine, and it keeps really well. Not to mention it saves a lot of water.