What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


Order Bilstein 4600's today. Garage space is tight, and would rather roof rack over lift. Also getting fenders refinished with sprayon bedliner this week hopeully.


Saturday was the first "real use" run using the extension to my ARB (2000) awning.

Couple of very minor tweaks needed but performed marvelously overall. LOTS of shade now!



I can change my custom title now!!
Awning looks good. I have yet to use mine? Soon however, may still mount it on the trailer over the kitchen?

Me I fixed, or should I say re-mounted my gas can on the swing out. Now I can properly open my hatch (always important) and I have room for a Hi Lift mount. Did a few other things too, but ran out of time for the oil change and plug inspection.


Spent most of my Saturday morning changing out the water pump, thermostat and power steering pump on the XJ.

Just Empty Every Pocket, right?


Installed an antirock today. I'm so tired of messing with the sloppy disconnects. I did loose some canyon carving abilities, and about 1 1/2" of flex. But it's a good trade off, and not to mention it should help on the puckering factor on side incline's. I might do a rear antirock, or see how a stock one will work.

I picked up a universal kit from my buddy Pat at Shocker Motorsports. And with Pat's superior fab skills, he whipped up some mounting brackets in no time. Mix in a few parts from his showroom and it was done. I still have to remove it for paint, and to reinstall the modified KOR steering box brace.

Checking to make sure everything cleared.


I can change my custom title now!!
Took my gas can holder back off the tire carrier...again. in the middle of loading up our big camping trailer I discovered that the wind up leg hits the bottom of the gas can...fudge. It is a dead issue now, mounting it on the trailer instead. Going to mount a Hi Lift mount on the swing out instead and a radio antenna.

I give up.