What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

Getting started on getting LCA off. First have to get this damn Axle cover off, sits it screw it pop off. . Was able to get one camber bolt loose and ready to come off, 2nd one haver budged. Also cleaning a lot of rust.

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Painted the underbody. 5 rattle cans of gloss black. Touched almost every little bracket & any light rust. Welds got Chassis Saver (por-15?). Basically spent the whole weekend laying under my truck.


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Finally got around to rebuilding the fuel pump stems. They were rusted out and finally started to leak recently. I drilled out the old and made both leads 5/16", then used steel to nylon compression fittings. I ran the nylon forward just past the proportioning valve then rejoined the steel. I wasn’t sure if the compression fitting would seal on the old rusty lines, I sanded them as much as I could but they still had small pits. No leaks. The brass ferrules are soft enough to still seal up even if the surface isn’t perfectly smooth.
I also broke one tank stud off during removal so we will see how it does with one missing. I bought a new tank seal and added sealant around the broken stud area.
When rebuilding the hanger I welded the 5/16" to the old 1/4" return line for stability, then put one very small bead at the very top (on the face facing inside the tank) for the high pressure line. I did not weld around the stems where they pass through the cover on the outside because I didn't want to risk melting the connectors or sensors. I used JB Weld on the outside after sandblasting the plate thoroughly. The welding holds them in place so the JB Weld should work just fine to keep a seal for emissions. Also switched the nuts to stainless locknuts.
IMG_3531.JPG IMG_3506.JPG Update: so far the broken tank stud isn’t causing any trouble. No emissions codes. I think I’m good to go for a while.
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Me? damn it!!! work on the stupid and cheap valve cover gaskets I put on the 1990 LWB a short while ago. They don't seem to have the right shape or form to stay put and seal the valve cover, it was leaking on the passenger side creating a mess and a burning smell that was driving me insane to say the least.

I tighten the valve cover a bit more and it seem to have helped with the leak but I will have to remove them in the very near future to replace them yet again but this time I guess with Mitsu parts as I have heard they offer a better seal.

Now, when the time comes to replace the valve cover gaskets I want to also replace the valve seals as I know one of them is bad and will replace the lash adjusters hopefully with the improved ones.