What have you done to your Land Cruiser Today?


Im getting old! :(
Idea stolen from Mud, but I thought it might be fun to see everyone's work/ progression/ Maintenance etc. on all LC's..

Pics are always good, otherwise tell us what your working on, finished up/ modified/ brown truck deliveries, etc...

Ill start,

Few minor new lighting accessories showed up: plus I spent the last two days on a full detail. Full Clay bar, Scratch X, and a new coat of Nuba wax!!

New Hella 4000 lenses/covers, and a new (probably unnecessary but cool) Rigid dually cover..


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Started the Desmog project on the 62 today. Got it all tore down and put back together, with the exception of plugging the 4 air injector holes (waiting for the thread seal to arrive)

Should have it buttoned up tomorrow late. I guess we will see how it turns out. I took the valve cover off and don't have an extra gasket. The original didn't tear so I'm hoping it works out...

Next is the drop the tranny and transfer case fluid and replace it with Redline.
I bought new tires for my 80. Fierce Attitude MT 315/75/16s. I like them so far. The tread looks much deeper than any online pics show. It cured some steering vibes I had from the old, worn, bald, out of round BFG AT's.

Bought a TEQ emblem to replace the "L" on my replacement rear hatch.


destroyed a fan and radiator over the Easter break and had only filled the new radiator with water, so last night i went to a mates shed and drained the cooling system and refilled it with the proper Toyota coolant. could have done the job at home today, but it was a good excuse to go to the mates work shed last night for a few drinks instead...lol


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New TB, water pump, starter, tranny flush, AHC fluid, idler pulleys, and wiper blades. 90k service complete and now I'm poor!!

Next up suspension and tires.

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Yesterday and today ( and a few part days too ):

Welded up a frame to hold my 55L water tank, 3rd battery and water pump.

Installed battery with DC-DC charger, fuse holder, wired up switch for the waterpump.
Installed water tank, ran water lines for Drain, Fill and breather.
Secured the fridge with bolts through the floor rather than tie downs that let it slide around.
Mounted a knife for lunch!

Now waiting for the silicone to cure before I fill it and hope its watertight!



went back down to my mates shed again tonight as my parts i ordered about 2 1/2 weeks ago from the UAE finally arrived...it's bloody rediculous that i can get genuine parts from UAE at a quarter of the price to what the local Toyota stealerships charge here...no wonder people buy online these days.
anyhow that aside... fitted a new viscous fan hub, new radiator shroud and swapped out the 105 series (blue dot) fan blade for an 80 series (yellow dot) one. will now see if the new viscous fan hub stops the temp gauge climbing on big hills whilst i'm towing our camper trailer.