What is this called? (RV stairs)


I want to build a shower platform off of the back of my bus. It's about waist high though so I wanted to have a scissor action platform. I currently just put the wood platform on the ground and stand on it, but it gets muddy and I get muddy putting it away. I can't think of a better word other than scissoring action to search for something (I can't get telescoping out of my head). Basically just a step platform like this and I'll replace the bottom step with my platform and take the middle step out.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.48.59 PM by asdf asdf, on Flickr


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Scissor stairs seem to be the most used term. I typed in collapsible rv stairs
and most of the results say scissor in them.

After looking them up I now realize my buddy made me an insanely great deal on the ones he sold me. I had no idea they were that expensive.


I think you might struggle to get a large enough platform on the bottom step to reasonably shower on and still be able to fold in the intended way. I would be very interested to see your final design, and hear your comments on usefulness.