what's with all the asian script posts? did we get cyber bombed?

Just wondering why when I logged in today I see dozens of posts in the Expedition News forum all is Asian script characters. I wondered if there is anything I can do other than just ignore it?

Christian P.

Expedition Leader
Staff member
I turned off the manual approval last night as it is too much work for us to keep up. In a typical day, about 10% of the registration are from scammer.

We have tried almost everything possible but they always find a way to crash the party...sorry about that. I just changed the registration question, let's say how it goes in the next few days. We may have to revert back again to the manual approval.
New spammer today - perhaps look at an Antipodean admin to nuke them early doors? They started at about 6pm AEDT, so just as most Aussies would be getting home, and Kiwis would have been home for 3hrs or so by then.