Wheels and Tires


Well, my stock wheels finally died, so we all know what this means…TIME TO START MY BUILD!

After MUCH research, I finally settled on a set of 255/85 16 BFG Mud Terrains KM2. I really love the pizza cutter look, as well as the benefits this gives me.

I cannot STAND the TRD sport wheels, so I was planning on trading someone for the stock off-road wheels, however, I got VERY lucky (as these are HARD to get) and was able to get a full set (including spare) of the Limited Edition FJ Anthracite wheels. I love the look of these wheels.

So, without further ado, here is my tire/wheel combo :wings:.

Now to convince my truck to allow these to fit on her! Haha OME susp, here I come!
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Very nice! Love those wheels and the tires are great too, it's the same set up I want. I had a set of the KM2's in the 265/75 flavor and loved them.


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Would those wheels fit on my 89? It's the same bolt pattern as mine 6: 5 1/2. But what about backspacing and offset? Do you know if that is compatible?


Nice boots - how much of a lift do you need for those?

The other nice boots in I can see in the pics here are the MSR lightnings and what looks like a pair of la sportiva rock shoes - I have the MSRs and two pair of la sportivas but no new rim/tire combo for my tacoma yet - but soon.