Where exactly do 285/75/16 rub on Gen 3?


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Hi all,
I just ordered a set of 285/75/16 Cooper AT3 for my 02, but reading conflicting information about fitment is giving me second thoughts. Some say this size is perfect and there's no rub, while others say that there's significant rub and people who say otherwise are crazy.

So... does it rub, and where does it rub? I'm fine taking a dremel to plastic mudflaps, but I can't do much if it rubs inside the wheel well on structural pieces. The front bumper trim is a bit different for 01-02 and 03+, so does that play a role in rubbing as well? I don't care about the reduced acceleration with the bigger and heavier tires.

I can still change my order, but I have until tomorrow to do so. Thanks!
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Hi Ilyas,
I have same size but with General Grabber AT tires. Mine clears just fine most of the time. I had slight rub while backing up in the front passenger tire on fender liner (front of tire) but that was due to bumper bent in from previous owner. I pushed the bumper out to align correctly and no rub.

One more rub I had was on inside of passenger side rear tire. I had never heard of it rubbing but I noticed there was rub mark on fuel filler hose cover. But it looks like it was only one time.
First pic shows front tire
Second pic shows rear tire.

In my opinion, you will be fine as long as all your body panels are straight.

Different tires in the same size may vary. I had ko2s in that size on my last gen 3 and the front tires rubbed on the inner fender liners. I trimmed them.

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I have KO2s in that flavor, they rubbed slightly on the inner fender and the little wings on the front bumper. But I don't think it would have rubbed if the inner fender had all it's plastic rivets or if the PO hadn't jacked up the bumper and needed to remove the locating brackets. A little wing trim and inner fender removal, we're golden and have no rubbing.
I'll second the fact that it depends to a degree on brand. PO had installed 285/75/16 Treadwrights and they rubbed so badly (without strut spacers) that the truck was undrivable. Flat hated those heavy arse, impossible-to-balance tires. Just replaced them with 265/75/16 KO2s and only slight rubbing on fender trim which I'll soon remedy by going all Doctor Lecter with a Dremmel tool.