Which Timbren Product is Best For You?


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Have you ever asked yourself “Which Timbren product is best for me?” Well if you have you’re like most people and we’re here to help! Even though they look identical they’re different in many ways. When choosing either our Active Off-Road Bumpstops or Timbren SES you have to ask yourself: Am I an avid off-roader? Do I want to soften the suspension response? Do I want more control of the vehicle? If you answered yes to any of those than the Active Off-Road Bumpstops are for you! If not, try asking yourself: Do I pull heavy loads? Do I want a heavier spring rate response? If you answered yes to those then the Timbren SES is the direction best suited for your needs.

If you’re a current customer please let us know how our product has helped you in these areas. What kind of vehicle do you drive and which option did you go with? If you have stories or have found other ways that our products have helped you, please share them below. Your experiences are very beneficial to prospective customers trying to make decisions for themselves.

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I installed Timbren waste management truck cab bumpers on the front suspension of my Montero does that count? They work really well. 😁


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I don't see the off-road bump stops listed for my 2016 Silverado, but they're listed for the Colorado and Canyon midsize trucks...are there plans to offer it for the full-size trucks?

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I'd like to know the technical differences between the SES and Active Off-Road Bumpstops options.

Fwiw, I installed inverted SES on my truck years ago. That seemed a better option than allowing the cavity to fill with debris and water.