White Rim - Needles - Fins and Things - Sept 2016


I flew into Utah and met up with some friends for a week in the backcountry. First week in September we started with the White Rim Trail, then Elephant Hill, then back in Moab for Fins and Things. We had great weather and perfect timing for the Milky Way. 3 vehicles, 2nd Gen Tacoma, Jeep CJ, and a JK Rubicon.

Part 1 White Rim:

Part 2 Needles:

Part 3 Fins and Things:


Yep. I recognized all of that. All of the concrete and asphalt was not there 30 years ago on Elephant hill, Oh yeah, tires screeching at the turn around area if you were in 4X4 and only a small Jeep would make it around a corner on one try on the North end of the top as you headed along to the West, Scout Slot. I think they removed a few rocks in the last few years so it is easier to get up or down. I had a friend who got his F250 over it and out to the Confluence overlook You should have checked it out.


Awesome videos. Heading out with at least one other rig next spring. Can't wait to do white rim. We'll have full size rigs so not sure what other trails we will be hitting yet.


Unamonkey, we went out to confluence a few years ago, this time we spent our middle day on the hike out to Druid Arch. Well worth the longer trek to Druid Arch, that thing is huge. Have you been down the trail to the river from Devil's Kitchen? It looks like 4-5 miles each way on the map, maybe something for next time.

Thanks for all the great comments!


Good. You have been out to the Confluence overlook then. The last time we were out there was to toss the ashes of two friends over that wanted to be out there. There are updrafts out there so we probably wore half of the ashes back to camp on us.
Devils Kitchen is a fun place to camp and there is some decent rock climbing to do around there. There are also critters that will try to steal your food.
We always ended up at DK at odd hours so I never did the hike down to the river.

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