Who drives their full size w/camper on sand


Con Kso I will make sure to cruise over and introduce myself (my name is Matt) if I see you guys down there. I will be going down for 2+ weeks but my waiting period doesn't start until Mid January... I am excited to get out of the weather, I have toughed it out in a cab-hi camper shell on a Tacoma one too many times now.
My dogs will be taking my wife I will down mid January, let all the xmas vacation surfers go home We are going to Diablo then maybe head down to Conejo or ? YDepends on what El Niño has in store. Remember in 1980 a lot of people were stranded below Ensenada for a while when the bridges washed out. We have a 03 chevy crewcab and an Outfitter popup. Oh yea and 2 Aussie shepards.

con kso

Well sounds like we'll be missing you guys down there. We're out of here in two weeks and will be back to work by Jan.10th - getting through February is definitely the call if you can make the time. I cut across at Laguna Chapala and head up the coast past Coco's - I'm sick of the section from SQ to TJ it's ugly and long with too many buses, trucks, topes and drunks- if rains crazy it could get REAL interesting on the back road and at Laguna Chapala. All part of the Baja show- can't wait to go!

To keep this response thread appropriate: I use a large powertank CO2 to air up my tires after driving on dirt roads down there. I really like it because it's a quick fill up- instead of waiting for a compressor/tank combo to cycle through or hoping your air pump doesn't burn up you can just blast your tires full and be on your way.

Last winter I started off with a full tank, I aired up all four tires (BFG 305s) on my truck probably 12 times to 80psi for road travel AND filled the truck that was caravaning with me all four tires (BFG 285s maybe?) to 65psi three times and the tank still had gas in it when I got home. It made airing down for the dirt roads really viable (I also have 4 staun deflators set to 20psi AND those make the job super easy) and kept our tires in good shape for highspeed cruising back on the paved road.

Don't forget to get some kind of wide foot for whatever jack you're using- I bought a sweet aluminum plate that fits onto my bottle jack and can be used on loose sand.

Of course all of this is not completely necessary- Baja Pemex's have awesome air pressure for filling up and there's always something to jam under your jack to get you out of a bind- it's just easier if you come prepared. But you guys already know all of that.

Safe travels.
I just made a tire adapter for a 45 min scba bottle. Air to spare. The route through cocos is a good call. The buses and ag equipment by San Quitine is a bummer. Although a layover at El Jardin is nice. Matt, where are you headed?


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con kso,
I never realized the tanks had that much capacity! I bought a Viair portable that can reinflate my four from 20# to 55# which is what I typically run in 15 minutes,not a few minutes like that tank. Those deflators sound good too.
Concerning Christmas,we used to go down the first week and bail out Christmas Day. The floodgates would be open as everyone had opened their presents I guess.
I haven't been down in years but my friends tell me the traffic is way worse than years past and that was bad north of SQ.
That route on the Gulf sure sounds mellow.

con kso

Yes- the PowerTank in the large size (we'd call them an "80" in the scuba days) are pretty awesome. I wanted to see what the capability was with mine the last time so I just used it as much as I wanted to- I shared with my friend who was driving with me (his crappy little Autozone pump was so slow) and I didn't ration it at all for 3 weeks. Like I said, there was still usable gas in there when I came back. I'm sold on it but I will say that it is heavy and does take up some space in the bed of the truck- also, if you can, opt for the 1/4" ID uncoiled hose the standard set up comes with a coiled hose that is really compact but if your tank is in a set spot and you have to stretch out the hose, it can get kinked and tangled- it's good, not great. I now have 30' of straight hose for my rig.

The through Lake Chapalla is really pretty too- and it's going to be paved completely in another few years. Your rig is killer, you should head down!


I was at the Wall once and Ace the shaper from OB invited me into his non-cabover Alaskan for a chilly one. Hooked from that point on for a popup.
Another trip we were one pt up from Rosaliitta and a guy had a cabover version. Same deal,a couple shots and a beer later identical conclusion.
I've had the Northstar for 15 yrs and it's served us well but it would sure be nice to have a custom Alaskan made.
I just bought five quick picks for the Lotto so I guess tomorrow I'll be ordering. LOL!
Kinda reviving an old thread, but this came up while I was searching for DRW axle swaps....

Anyway, that visit with Ace must have been a long time ago, since he currently has a beat-to-poop cabover Skamper popup. I see it almost every day since he's my neighbor :)

The recent purchase of a Lance camper with bathroom was the deal I had to make with my wife to return to Baja camp trips. Wife and two daughters=must have bathroom.

To keep the thread on topic, I'd guess the reason beaches restrict dually trucks is that they don't perform as well on sand since two of the wheels are outside the path pressed down by the front wheels, and have to dig it all over again.


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That would be in the mid-80's as I recall.
It was Thanksgiving,surf wasn't too great so the next day we drove up to the next break which predictably was even smaller.
Great camping spot though.
Yeah,ya have to get out of that wind.