Who has done the Pan Am on motorcycle and can share some helpful tips

Hey guys. If you have done the Pan Am in Central and South America on motorcycle I have a few questions.

1. Did you stay in motels, camp or do a both?

2. When you camped, how difficult was it to bring everything with you for such a long trip?
-----How did you protect your belongings when you were away with the bike? I know there are locks on the storage boxes and all.


nomadic man
Motels in Central America are cheap enough that you really don't need to camp unless you want to.
South America offers more camping options but I still used motels most of the time.
I had minimal camping gear and it all fit inside one dry bag. I also had a Pacsafe net that I could wrap the whole thing in and secure it to a lot of things.
I had hard boxes on my bike that locked but in the 4 years I rode around outside the US, I never had any problems with theft from the bike.
I would often leave my helmet hanging from a mirror when off the bike for a little while.

An important part of traveling is to have a frame of mind that lets you enjoy the journey instead of fret over everything along the way.
Thanks for the tips. If I did the Pan-Am in different steps, do you think its possible to leave my bike in something similar to a storage locker for months at a time?


nomadic man
Probably, but it will be expensive.
A guy over on Adventure Rider made contact with some people along his way and made arrangements with them to keep his bike until he returned. You make friends along the way and learn about the local customs. Worked out very well for him so you might consider something like that instead.


nomadic man
If you are not on Adventure Rider, join.
Then go to the forum with the regions you will be traveling through.
If you can figure out a route that would take you to places that people are willing to help store your bike. you might be able to stitch together a plan.
Maybe have to leave it in storage a time or two but otherwise kept a your new friends homes. Then you get to know the locals, the area and have a much better traveling experience. Especially if you are doing this solo.

A month at a time is hard on you. You barely get into rhythm and are looking to pack up and go home. Try for longer if possible, at least a few months.