who is using a real gps vs a tablet


I use a GlobalSat 353s4 USB puck in my Surface Tablet. It works fine.
Still looking for dual purpose software that will run on Win10 - turn-by-turn + GPX tracks


I just ordered at new Samsung Tab A 32gb 8" (2017) off Amazon for $149 to replace my aging 7" Samsung. After using Gaia on my Pixel XL on the last couple trips I am really liking all the map options and it's fairly easy to use. My old tablet just can't keep up with much of anything anymore so it's time for an upgrade. I still have my old Garmin Zumo but that will be relegated to backup duty going forward with the tablet being primary.


I like Gaia because of all the incredible features, but I find myself sticking with the Garmin Earthmate app because of its simplicity. I need to spend more time getting comfortable with all Gaia can do, but I'm fairly new to creating my own route and using a device to follow it.


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Garmin 76cx interfaced with Marine VHF radio for DSC/Distress and depthfinder with BlueChart software for the boat and Topo software for Hiking and backcountry.
Garmin 51 and the 76cx in the truck


My primary is a Garmin Montana 600. It’s been to multiple continents and never let me down. Two wheels, four wheels and on foot the ruggedness, battery life and software stability can’t be beat.
I also have my iPad tethered to my inReach and that has had good reliability as well when strictly used for 4 wheel travel.

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Glad everyone else is happy with their Montana's. I have an OLD Montana 600. Could be the battery dying or just the unit giving up. It's in the cradle in my truck constantly...and in direct SoCal sunlight. More and more the unit will not charge. I've had issues with routing crapping out at 80% calculated a lot recently and it seems like I have a conflict issue with the original maps and the lifetime map updates I've downloaded. To get around routing stopping at 80% I have to disable the latest map updates.

As a last resort on the routing calculation errors, I'd like to wipe out and reset to factory defaults everything, but that doesn't clear all the map updates.

Garmin has gone two ways - either on or offroad and not one that will do both effectively. The 'closest' one I've found is their DriveTrack. It's actually made for dog trackers and has both on road and 100K offroad topos preloaded. Like all of Garmin's on road products, they won't endorse the use of 24K topos. At least with the DriveTrack, Garmin's site does list the 24K topo maps as being compatible.

It's at least an option and the best crossover on and offroad out of the box GPS unit I've found so far.


DriveTracker 71 showed up this week. I've had no time to do anything but register it through GarminExpress and download latest map updates. You'd think that a brand new release would have the maps updated. Only 'complaint' so far is that the short USB cable between the unit and computer does NOT charge the unit. Either a Garmin wall plug, which I had from the Montana or plugged into your vehicle are the only charging methods. Wall charger does not come with the unit.

I have yet to play with the 100K loaded topo maps, or anything else. At least on the default screen, they've gone back to displaying not only the street name you are on, but also the upcoming street. The Montana didn't have that. Even an older Streetpilot had that nice little feature. The one feature I'm really looking forward to setting up is the bluetooth pairing with my phone for handsfree in my '94 that has no hands free calling right now. The 7" unit is BIG and the screen is super crisp. It may be too darn big to mount it with the included suction cup in the lower left of my windshield. I may be looking at either the flexible or solid mount that's available. Flex mount description does say it'll bounce around a little. Anyone with experience on either the flex or solid mounts that bolt into the PS seat mount?


I use my Oregon for hiking in the back country. I use https://www.onxmaps.com/hunt-gps-chip for hiking. Im not so interested in the hunting part but they show landownership, and have most of the backcountry roads and trails. Much better than the Garmin detailed maps. If I need to know where I am while driving I will compare it with my garmin and a regular map. Great accuracy. This chip works with many Garmin models including nuvi. They also have a membership app, but the chip is just great.
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Anyone care to make a good recommendation for a first handheld GPS for me,

I am new to downloading maps and such and would prefer something I could mount in the vehicle and use as a handheld too.

I’m leaning towards a 60 series Garmin but am not sure which would be a good first unit.

Appreciate any recommendations.


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The Garmin 64 and 66 are great devices but will mention the GPSMap 78 is similarly sized and operates pretty much the same but it has the old style large 4-prong circular serial port still which makes powering it from a vehicle more robust.


The Garmin 64 and 66 are great devices but will mention the GPSMap 78 is similarly sized and operates pretty much the same but it has the old style large 4-prong circular serial port still which makes powering it from a vehicle more robust.
The above use buttons to navigate the unit. If you prefer a touchscreen go with the Garmin Montana, put it in the powered cradle designed for it, plug it into a 12 volt outlet and you are good to go.

I prefer the Montana because I'm old and need a big screen to look at. Plus, it is MUCH easier to enter data on a touchscreen keyboard rather than using those buttons to select letters and numbers!


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Touchscreens work great in the truck and the big screen is nice. Something to think about, though. The "outdoorsy" devices with the buttons I find easier since they can be used without removing your gloves and have a tactile feedback while moving.


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I love my Montana. I use it on my four wheeler and it works great in all light conditions.

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