Who's ready for winter?


where are you going? and what are you getting?

Two of the last three season where a bust for me due to complications from eye surgery (gas bubble in eye, no altitude, no fun). Last year was low snow and spent helping son, wife, daughter mostly.

This year I have my season pass to Kirkwood. Our cabin is close by so hoping to rack up the days. Picking up a snowboard for my son tonight and thinking of getting Atomic Automatics for the deeper days. I'm snowboarding less so want a wider ski to compliment my narrower set. Can't wait.
They turned on the snow gunz @ telluride the otherday... less then 4 weeks till we shred....if u need insight on some skis...i can help assist.. Run a demo center in the winter....

just got my new HELLY Hansen Jacket.. super sick w/ H2 Flow technology...
Got my pass, getting a splitboard, and I'd like to get a new cross-country setup. I was also thinking about getting a canvas tent with a stove to do some winter camping, but I got laid off for a couple months, so that will depend on either work picking up or getting a new job. I really like the idea of skiing into a remote lake pulling my stuff on a sled and spending a week or so fishing and exploring.
just got my new HELLY Hansen Jacket.. super sick w/ H2 Flow technology...
Ha, I was going to get a new Helly Hansen jacket too, but that will have to wait. Mine is three years old, but it will have to last another season. It's by far the best jacket I've ever owned. They're designed so well, and I'm always getting compliments on it.
new coat is great ,last storm brought 44's on the hill,,, its a blizzard out as we speak..another 15"s to call for a great opener on wed.