Why wouldn't this work?


Hi there, quick question for the more knowledgeable I have an 06 E450 with a sterling 10.5 from a F350 for a rear axle. It has a 1.125" sway bar. Van is 4x4 with 5" lift. The sway bar is so out of level it hangs down below diff, the links weren't compensated for during the lift. The bolts to the frame were lowered 2" into a square hole still resulting in way out of level sway bar.
My plan was to disconnect links, level and measure for new links. While doing this I wasn't completely happy with how low the links would be as this is a 4x4. Wanting to keep the anti sway bar I disconnected everything, mounted the sway bar on top of the diff and bolted it up it sits level in proper hole, just have to fab up some new perches and get them welded up, one brake fitting needs to be moved. Clearance from shocks is .5" on either side. Jacked van up and down to see if any issues, doesn't seem to be. What am I missing?
Seems like it would work??
Thanks in advance