Will James Baroud / Adventure Ready stand behind their Warranty?


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I have been in contact with Ernesto and Tom at Adventure Ready for a James Baroud Warranty.

Issue is that the tent canvas started wearing through after it was installed by Tactical Application Vehicles in June 2018. Indication from Ernesto was that Adventure Ready is unsure if they would see a tent from James Baroud thus placing the warranty in question.

For background, The James Baroud Evasion tent was installed on a custom bed rack fabricated by Brute Force Fabrications with James Baroud of Portugal signing off on the design prior to the build. Bed rack. Bed rack is mounted to the bed bolts of the truck and uses 6 mounting points for the tent. Bed rack uses 4 cross bars running side to side and 2 running front to back. Between June of 2018 and March 2020 the fabric started wearing through on the leading edge. I contacted Adventure Ready April 1st about the 5 year tent warranty with follow up 4/23 and 5/11 with the only indication is that we must wait on Antonio with James Baroud seeing if they will honor their warranty.

Does anyone else have experience with James Baroud / Adventure Ready warranty or the tent fabric wearing through?