Will reducing wire size after a long run drop my voltage?


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You could just use a small fuse block. Put a ring terminal on the #8 to feed the fuse block and use the 1/4" spades to feed the loads.

The ARB factory cord is pretty cool. It has a screw on adapter to run with a regular cigarette outlet. If you remove the cigarette outlet you have a 2 prong threaded outlet that fits their proprietary mount. So i could keep the adapter in my transit bag and plug into any standard 12v cigarette outlet if i wanted to. If i hack off the original plug, then it's only going to work in a vehicle with that specific adapter.
Anderson after APP line starting with SB50 they have higher current designs up into hundreds of amps. What do you run higher than 45A?

I never use ciggie ports (dangerous), but an adapter pigtail to whatever is easy to wire as needed, or buy, have made up.

I would not bother with a proprietary connector, standardizing on APP is IMO way to go.
I've got an 8 gauge wire. The largest connector that will fit in their 1.25" panelpole fitting is the 45 amp connector. That connector can only handle a 10 gauge wire max. I physically can't fit my wire in the connector.
That's the same issue i'm having with the 1/4" blade connectors, hence why i started this thread.
So step the wire gauge down close to the end with a proper butt connector.

As I stated in my first response above.

Or cheat and lose a few strands.

What's the max the fridge demands, 8A? Likely a lot less.
Got it all wired up. Used double crimp 10 gauge connectors and trimmed down the 8 gauge wire to fit in them. Then plugged 16 gauge wire into the piggyback terminal to wire up the two cigarette outlets. It works well.

The factory under bed lighting wiring runs into a hole in the bed side, so i just chose to just run the DC panel wires in there as well to keep the hole drilling to a minimum.

Also, I measured 12.75 volts at the AGM battery and exactly 12.75 at the ARB plug. I guess i didn't get any voltage drop that my cheap multi-meter could pick up. I ended up using about 22 feet of the 8 gauge wire.


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