Will the new Superwinch EXP be worth the wait?

They're slated to be available for sale July 15. Price point unknown. I just added a winch bumper and am eager to get a winch. Everyone will say go Warn... but the price point isn't working for me.

So do I buy a Smittybilt x20 COMP 10k now for ~$520, or wait for the Superwinch EXP? $520 is about the max I want to spend.
Do some research before spending any $$.

IMO you are better off with a Warn M8000 at ~$600 than any glam cheap winch.

I am not against Superwinch - I have had a X9 on my Land Cruiser since 1999.

Good luck,

I've also had a good experience with the Superwinch X9.
I have buddies with Warn, Mile Marker, and Superwinch products...they are all solid performers.
I'd steer clear of Smittybuilt products in general...two cents.
I've been doing research. Smittybilt x20 does not have a single bad review out there, and with 3 year electrical and 5 year mechanical warranty, it seems like a great deal to me. Plus this is for mostly for camping to get from A to B, hitting some moderate trails along the way.

As for rifle scope mounts... I don't know about that... but it does have mounts for lights or whatever. I probably don't want to wait until July, and the price will be higher than the x20 i bet
I've got a Smittybilt x20 COMP 10k - IMO it's the best buy for occasional (ie. not weekly) use. No way is a Warn equivalent worth 3x the price.
Great to hear. That's my thinking as well. It says it has 2 solenoid mounting options... basically left or middle... but is there a way to remote mount it?
Superwinch is solid so I doubt you'd have any qualms with using/owning one. The Smittybilt X20 gets raving reviews from every gear review I've read both stateside and abroad and lastly WARN is the status quo for a reason. We rarely have issues with WARN and we install a ton of them.
Great to hear. That's my thinking as well. It says it has 2 solenoid mounting options... basically left or middle... but is there a way to remote mount it?
It has been a few months since I had mine installed, but if I'm not mistaken, the solenoid can be mounted remotely right out of the box. All wiring is already there.
You can use wireles remote. Just need a small electric cable work. I am looking for smittybilt x20 10 and superwinch talon 12.5. Still searching and reading about them. I just want to find out how long I can use smittybilt without any break. I trust superwinch talon more than smittybilt.
Any updates? Who has an EXP? Is a Talon a better winch, or is the newer EXP better?
My brother has a 12K EXP. And my dad has a 10K Zeon Platinum. Both are awesome. I have my pros and cons for each.

-Automatic engaging clutch
-Wireless controls optional (not nearly convenient as Zeons)
-We hardwired in cab winch controls using the existing controller

-Auxillary power ports are a dumb design in our minds
-Wireless controls have to be setup and takes us a while. But with the in cab winch controls, we don't use it. So we have to relearn it each time (may not be a con).

Warn Zeon Platinum
-Very cool remote and extremely easy to use.
-Warn's auxillary power ports are neat, and look extremely easy and convenient to use.
-Can relocate the control box with awesome pre made kits. We did it on my dad's canyon.
-Very low profile when it needs to be

-Wireless remote, if it dies, gets lost, or loses connection... No winch. Having said that, none of that has happened yet.
-No physical options on the winch. Can't engage the clutch by hand, can't turn on auxillary power ports manually, can't go in and out without the remote. But it's a Warn. Good company and service. So that's a debate in itself.

Ask away, on anything that concerns you. My family has both of them, we use them. Not hardcore everyday, but they get used.
I am consideringthe superwinch 10 k exp or the comeup gen2 9.5 any thoughts . NO I don't want a warn, I have had horrible custormer service from warn. I think they were very good once. but now are resting upon their laurels. So of the 2 winches the superwinch 10 k exp and the comeup gen 2 9.5 any thoughts?