Winch recommendations 2010 FUSO FG 140

Hey everyone some what new here. I'm building a FUSO flat deck with a custom camper. When all said and done with gear looking at around the 12,000lb mark. I want to mount a winch in the back between the frame but will also have a receptacle in the front if I need to pull from there as well. Was thinking something in the 20,000lb capacity thoughts on brand and pulling capacity?

I've got a Tigerz 11 20,000lb ( yea I know Chinese but how often do you use it) winch mounted in between the rear rails that is cabled to the front and by pulling a loop of the drum and using a pulley block we can double line out the rear if need be. It's all covered in one of my threads. (first one I believe).

have a look at the sherpa winchs, good price and well made. I have a 17000 lb going on the rear of my nps and a 17000 lb twin motor going on the front


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I went with permanently mounted front and rear 16.5k winches. Good thing about the larger winches is a larger drum capacity, giving you more line to enable better pulls and reduction setups. American and many other consumer grade winches use the first inner layer rating method, but hey, that's marketing. Go to a German made winch and they rate it on the outer layer, giving more of a true reading. Luckily most pulls require no where near full rated capacity.

Harbor Freight actually has a decent line of consumer winches now, too.
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