Wired winch remote recommendations


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I never liked the winch remote that came with our Ramsey REP8000, and now that the contacts are getting flaky, I have an excuse to replace it. Any recommendations? I have a distrust of wireless controllers so I would like to stick to wired.
I had a Ramsey 9000 on my 72 Bronco, worst winch I ever owned. I understand they make great commercial winches for the wrecker industry, but I don't think their consumer grade stuff is built to the same standard.

I messed around with the cheaper Smittybuilt stuff a decade or so ago due to the price and everyone raving about their warranty, well when I have to constantly use the warranty to have a crap winch replaced then I don't think it's worth it. I am sure they have improved since then, but they'll never get my money again. I've had decent luck with SuperWinch products, but I have always had great performance out of all of my Warn winches and that's why they continue to get my money. Warn would be my recommendation. Lot's of interest and hype in recent years with the ComeUp brand as well, but I have no experience there.
I think I understand your question.

I've been eyeing solid state contactors to replace my solenoid pack, which still works but I know is just waiting to give me issues. They are old components. I don't have anything I can suggest as an option, though.

I don't like the cost but the Warn solid state pack looks interesting to me because they built it to be similar to the way electromechanical solenoids packs work, which is it always requires a double switch to energize the motor so the risk of a runaway winch is lowered since no single solenoid can fail unsafely.

The chance of this with a solid state contactor is of course small but I still like the idea of it. Otherwise you can get generic contactors that are probably 1/4 the cost of the Warn, so I'm still struggling to decide if it's worth it.


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Thanks for the info. The winch itself has given good service for 15 years both for me and for the PO who installed it - he is also a friend. The solenoid pack died after multiple water crossings in Afton Canyon on the Mojave Road during a wet New Year's trip a couple of years ago. I replaced it with an Albright unit. What I am looking for now is the unit which you hold in your hand with switch that runs the winch. I see lots of designs, some with push buttons for in and out, some with a 3 position momentary toggle switch. The brand does not matter as much as the ease of use.
If it's just the remote itself you could just build or repurpose something. It's just switches in a box with a cable, it's not rocket surgery. Do any of them look interesting? The one Warn supplied with my winch has worked, it's the 3-position thumb toggle. I like that better than push buttons since it's more tactile and works well with even thick gloves.