Wireless trailer interface


Enfant Terrible
I just returned from a very nice three day trip and had on two occasions, my trailer lights not working at all. I try to remember to check them at each stop and found they weren’t working while filling up with fuel. I un and ré plugged in the harness which made them work again but it is still a pain and I constantly worry about them not working.
So, I started researching a better way and found this https://www.witi.com.au
I don’t think they are available in the us yet but they look like something I would use. I really like the alarm system too.


Adventurer, eh?
It's an interesting idea, and I do love the idea of an alarm that engages the brakes, but I see several problems.

First is just the need for power. This advertises "No more cables to damage or rip out, no more corroded terminals and no more loose connections", but the unit needs power. You'll need to send power to the trailer somehow. Sure you can charge the battery before you go, but if you forget? What do you do if you're gone for extended periods and/or it dies while on the road? You need to stop and wait and charge your battery?

The added wireless control features are a great. I've wanted to do something similar with an Arduino over WiFi. They're saying that you can turn on accessories with a signal from the tow vehicle's ignition. Technically if you're running a 7-pin connector, it'll have a 12v line that also should be tied into ignition, otherwise your trailer could drain the tow vehicle's battery. That 12v fridge will need power and your battery recharged as well unless you have a ready good solar system.

Like anything, everything needs maintenance, even your trailer connectors. If they're getting old, corroded or worn, you should replace them. I just did one of mine this week as a preventative maintenance. They're really not at all expensive. I've dealt with bad connectors on vehicles and trailers from others and it drives me bonkers.


Expedition Leader
You will still need a wired connection to your tow vehicle's 12V unless your trailer is completely stand-alone with it's own battery and charging system that won't run down during your trip. Keep in mind that even if you have a solar panel on your trailer the conditions where you'd be using trailer lights happens not to align during the time when it would be of much use. Even LED lamps are drawing power, so make sure to size the battery appropriately.


Agree with Teardropper. Dielectric grease to keep connection clean and replace your plug. (Clean your vehicles connector first with a small brush to get dirt and grime out, keep its cover on, it it has one.)

Is the trailer lead too short? Worn out? Is it catching on the hitch when you turn?

Something isn’t right. Start with the simple and move to the complex. I rarely ever have this problem. When I do it’s on a newly wired trailer and I did something wrong, or someone else plugged it in and wrapped the wire around the tongue.

I see no need for a wireless interface if you just do proper maintenance, although, it is a pretty cool concept.