WK 4 wheel drive systems question.


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I am looking at updating my Jeep to a WK and was wondering about their 4 wheel drive systems. A friend of mine has one that he says is more of an all wheel drive system and not really a true 4 wheel drive system. So went I looking on http://www.wkjeeps.com/wk_4x4.htm.com and noticed that there are 3 diffrent types of systems for the WK. I was wondering if one of those systems is a 4 wheel drive system you can manually engage (be lever of push button)? If not, which one system should I be looking for that has the best off-road 4 wheel drive system?

I also read somewhere that the WK jeeps that have the limited slip on them are a pain in the but to get a true looker in them because the rear differential is not a standard size. Is that true or did I read that wrong?

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Look for a V8 WK with 4lo. That system is called quadra trac 2. 4 low and full time 4hi. I traveled many thousands of trouble free miles off road in mine. Identified by a 4lo lever by the shifter and a 10 bolt rear axle cover.

There is another system called quadra drive 2. That one has 4lo also but has electronic locking diffs similar to a Wrangler Rubicon. That system can be identified by a 12 bolt rear axle and/or an emblem by the shifter. These systems are most common on V8 wk's.

The system most common on V6 WK's is called quadra trac 1. That system is an advanced 4hi only. No 4lo. While very capable, the lack of 4lo can be a big hindrance off road.

The 4.7 V8 and 3.7 V6 get similar mpg's.

Check out my old jeep build thread for more info. I sold mine for more space for the family. I loved that jeep.


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QD2 is not similar to the Rubicon...Electronic Limited Slips Diff (ELSDs) are never "locked permanently" like the Rubicon lockers or an ARB air locker. The ELSD is avariable system locking and unlocking the diff based on available traction using clutch packs....also you have no manual control over the ELSDs in the QD2 system the computer controls how much lock you get based on traction.

QT1 = full time AWD..no 4LO but you do have a Brake Traction Control System (BTCS)
QT2 = full time AWD (4HI) with a lever activated 4LO which locks the front and rear axles together 4x4. BTCS system as well. You can add an ARB air locker to this system to get a true locking rear diff. Transfer case = 2.72:1
QD2 = full time AWD (4HI) with a lever activated 4LO which locks the front and rear axles together 4x4 also will activate the ELSDs when needed. Transfer case = 2.72:1