Won an M1101!


I won an M1101 from Govliquidation.com last week and am looking forward to bringing her home. Have read up on a number of threads about these trailers. Ideally, I was looking for a smaller trailer but we will see how she tows and acts when I pick her up. The price for a decent m416 is ridiculous and m1101s seem challenging to find. The m1101/2s are aluminum tubs and I won the auction at a decent price. With a family of 5 and new RTT, space has become a premium. The last few trips have required driving both trucks, range rover and LR3. While there is some fun in driving both, having a trailer has always been on my list.

One question I have for the collective is whether I need an EUC for this trailer. In some states, it seems to be a requirement but from what I read on the website, since it doesn't have the specific demil code, I am not certain I need one. I will be picking it up in Herlong ,CA, so if anyone can lend any firsthand advice, I would appreciate it. Thanks.



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Congrats on the 1101. They tow great. I have two of them. I put chevy wheels and 30 inch tires on one and that lowered the height about 4 inches. I use it for everything from hauling atv to kayaks. Ref the End Use Certificate (EUC), if the email from Gov Liguidation didn't mention it, then you don't need one. The winning bid notice will explain what to do if it is required. It is not difficult to get but it takes a few days and you have to have it before you can pick up the trailor (when EUC is required).


My emails don't mention that I need and EUC. I was too busy with work to call them today but plan to tomorrow to verify. Otherwise, I am hoping to pick it up on Wednesday.


I agree with Abnengr, if it wasn't posted in the sale listing and you didn't receive notice in the email, you should be good. If it's required, then you won't get it without one. I've had it go both ways on trailers. Seems they're selling so many now, maybe slowing them down.


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