Wood frame campers...?? How do they hold up?

konakid do you have a link to a build or pics? I might be going down this path in the next few weeks. I haven't quite decided on how to do joints yet... was thinking laying my own fiberglass down would be best

DOH just saw your signature
Yeah in my sig. I bought my panels but I will me making my own in the future with a vacuum setup
Hey guys..

Been pouring over quite a few builds trying to get ideas for an upcoming project. I was almost certain I was going to build a steel frame but I see quite a few built out of all wood and skinned in epoxy or aluminum...

My question is... how do these hold up on the road? I cant wrap my head around how something shaped like a brick taking quite a bit of wind and such.. built solely out of would... could hold up.

I would think going the route of wood would be substantially lighter... but I want to be certain that if I go that route, it'll still be solid 15+ years from now.

Are there any specific tricks to framing with wood?

Thanks for the input.
This is the thread I was looking for. He did not use all top notch products ,but he built it and is out exploring. http://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/52844-Building-your-own-canopy-camper
Well... change of plans. Lol

I was looking around on craigslist and saw a sliide in advertised needing the roof replaced... no pictures.. for 1k.

I called the guy (hes 2 hours away).. Its a '97 sun-lite 865 with ac, furnace, stove, sink, fridge, shower, and toilet... room for a queen sized bunk... also comes with power jacks. Everything on it functions... but the roof is shot. The whole roof will have to be torn out and rebuilt from scratch.

The guy said he had pretty well just bought it.. the guy he bought it from told him the roof leaked but he had it fixed. When he got it home, he noticed some water spots and pulled the roof interior panels down to find the roof pretty well gone and decided to cut his losses.

He said he'd bring it to me and show me that everything on it works as it should.. for $900.

Hell.. worst case scenario.. I can strip it for the appliances, jacks, and what have you and still be money ahead. He's bringing it this Saturday.

Think I did ok?