Wrangler Tool Kit


Gearing up for a trip from the East Coast to the Grand Canyon in September, I have most of the Expo part down, but what does everyone carry for tools? I plan on bringing sockets( sizes for the jeep), 2 adjustable wrench's, multi-screwdriver, duct tape, electrical tape, screwdriver, Vice grips, tire repair kit, some oil, an air compressor, and a breaker bar. I'm trying to not bring everything that I normally keep in the tool bag....


Depends on the Jeep. Year? Model? It makes a big difference. For my YJ, I would carry front and rear driveshafts, tie rod and drag link, front and rear axle shafts, U Joints, yokes, U bolts, and all the tools and fluids needed to replace those parts as well as other sundry requisites like duct tape, bailing wire, and some electrical stuff.

For the JK, I bring some fluids and basic tools. :D


I would also bring the following:

Side cutters, needle nose pliers, rope, channel locks, pocket knife, and zip ties.


Zmajic97, Thank you!

Krytos, that is an awesome link, exactly what I was looking for.

PS It's not a YJ, just a '13 JKU


For my tool "bag" I just use an old army ammo box with a set of screwdrivers, zipties, and hammer inside. Then I have my socket set in a separate case. Fits fine in the back of my 2door JK along with my ARB recovery bag and Trasharoo when not in use



When I switched to the JK I moved to a tool role. I had apick up before so a rattley ammo can was no a concern. Also the tool role fits in the cubby in the trunk.

I would recomend the ARB plug kit. I have used mine twice so far.


Great list! I carry most of that stuff in my tool kit. I'm going to take lessons from that because I've only added tools to my kit as I've seen fit to use them on my jeep. I'm also not a mechanic but have done all my own work so I get a little paranoid it will fall apart on the trail. Volt meter is key for all the electrics (cb/lights/switches/dualbattery). The only thing I saw that was missing on that list was a 22mm socket.