Wrist watches for the adventure-minded?


Expedition Leader
Yes, absolutely love the SKX173 and SKX007. I have several all with different bezels and I switch out the bracelets to suit the occasion.
My dad gave me his old field watch (Sicura Pilot) 20-30 years ago but the crystal was chipped. It sat in a box forever. As an anniversary present my wife had the crystal replaced and now it’s one of my favorite old school watches.

My everyday go to work watch is my tried and true Sunnto Vector.


Badger Wrangler
For the past couple years I've worn a Seiko automatic mechanical dive watch from the early '90s. Great watch, but it is running about 10-15 minutes fast per day, so I'm gonna have to send it out for service.
I've just purchased a slightly used Hamilton 1000-meter auto/mech. dive watch off e-bay. Huge, heavy, apparently near-indestructible, 46 mm case, 18 mm thick, special sapphire crystal, etc. etc. It has that gas release button so that if you overeat, you won't feel bloated afterward! Wait - I may be wrong on that part.
Now, honestly, the chances of my saturation-diving to anything close to 1000 meters (3300+feet) are less than zero. But we Do have a deeper-than-normal hot tub...
I got a Garmin vivoactive for Christmas this year. I have worn it every day since. I love it. The watch face is awesome with so much cool information on it, I have a GPS topo map app on it for hiking and what not. My favorite watch to date, and I have Rolex, breitling etc.