WTB: RCLB 4x4 Tundra


I'm searching the US for a regular cab, long bed, 4WD, 1st Gen Toyota Tundra in good condition (i.e., little to no rust, regular maintenance...). This 2005, sold on Bring a Trailer earlier this year for $17,500, is one good example of what I'm looking for, and I'd be willing to pay as much for a comparable one. Would prefer something closer to the later end of their run (ideally '05-'06), light colored, and above Base trim, but somewhat flexible on those points depending on the tradeoffs.

8' bed is important because I'm tall and planning to put a cap on this truck and build it out as an overlander /camper. I like the shorter wheelbase and total length of 1st Gens (and the look of 'em too), but I'm also open to particularly appealing 2nd Gens. I'm currently in NYC, but willing to travel to the right truck.

Share 'em if you got (or find) 'em!
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I have a 2005 reg cab with 8ft bed and cap that I could part with. I will check mileage tomorrow, but I think its just over 80K. Unfortunately its not a light colored. Let me know your thoughts.



Thanks for offering this one up @rarnott. So far, looks like a gem! I'm expecting to spend most of my time out under the scorching southwestern desert sun, so holding out for a white or maybe silver one for now, but I may circle back to you for more info if I'm still looking in a few weeks.


Thanks @jmodz. Saw that one yesterday and I'm still considering it. Mileage is twice what most of the trucks I've been looking at have on them, but I know I should still expect to get at least another hundred thousand miles out of it, and it clearly comes with a lot of valuable aftermarket gear. My bigger concern is how hard it's been driven with all those mods given posts like this one by the seller earlier this year: "Payload on mine is 1850 lbs. 2010 long bed regular cab. I run 1000 lbs OVER that payload regularly, that includes off roading and twisting the frame enough to pop turnbuckles on my FWC. No frame issues. Been doing it for 2 years, ~22k miles."

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