WTT Tepui Gran Sabana for a Kukeman


I have a Gran Sabana, less than a year old. Has the huge annex. Was changed from 2 rails to 4 rails for extra support. Slept in less than 10 times. Would like to trade for a Kukeman XL, it would have to be the same dimensions as mine, mine opens up to 6'x8'
Only reason i'm interested in trading is we never use the annex, just used it once when camping at a "traditional" camp ground.
Located in Bakersfield, CA
Willing to meet in the SoCal area.
Tent is not for sale, ONLY interested in a trade for a Kukeman XL.

PM for info, will gladly text or email pictures.
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I have a brand new in the box Kukenam sky (grey) and a new in the box anti condensation mat that I would trade you. The sleeping footprint of the Kukenam is 56" x 96" vs your Gran Sabana is 72" x 96". In your add is says your willing to trade for the same size... As far as I know Tepui doesn't offer a tent that's 72" wide without the overhang entrance.

I will be traveling from Las Vegas to San Diego Friday June 3rd and could meet you somewhere along the way if you still want a Kukenam.

Thanks, John


John, you are absolutely right. What I was asking for is the kukeman xl. I would love to trade with you but I cannot sleep my wife 2 kids and myself in your tent. I must have the same foot print size.

Thank you kindly but your tent will not work.


Thanks @nevestvsx
but with shipping from ATL, i'd be better off buying new.

Was hoping for a "somewhat" local trade.