WV to Moab, with some Colorado mixed in


Hardest part of the trip was the 1700 miles of interstate in lifted jeeps to get home.... Only saving grace was there was plenty of places to get real food and Hotels with A/C....First night we pushed through Denver and stayed in a parking lot, but the second night it was Golden Coral for all you can eat.....and a Hotel...



The trail to Crystal Mill is one of my favorites. It's no wonder it's the most photographed spot in Colorado, I could spend months photographing that mill in various seasons and weather (in fact, I made a trip last fall when the leaves were changing....it was phenomenal!)

By the way, and a minor quibble, it wasn't a gristmill, it was actually an air compressor station that supplied air for the local mines.

Also, the smokehouse in Marble is really good too. Did you guys continue down Schofield? I haven't done that one yet.

No Schofield had a slide on it, we detoured around. Good to know that was a compressor station because it made no sense to have a gristmill there.. No way to get product in and out easily... We were scratching are heads on that one.. A lot of old gristmills in WV

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Great and accurate report. Nice that you took the time to learn about the places you visited. We’ll forgive the grist mill mistake.

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Looks like a fun trip. I would love to retrace your route in CO. Can you list the locations you went to in order?