X-bull Recovery Tracks worked great!

Got stuck a few weeks ago most of the way up Medano Pass here in Colorado. X-bull recovery tracks worked better than I could have hoped. For the money I would recommend them with a couple caveats. They do have some cracking after being run over half a dozen times. Not a lot and they're probably good for one more use. For $65 if you aren't likely to use them, throw them in your kit and forget about them till you need them.

If you're like me though and you're likely to end up stuck a few times a year I'd say go ahead and spend the $$$ on Maxxtracks. They cost 4 times as much but last through years of hard use.

Pics are of the recovery chronologically from getting stuck to beimg back on solid ground. Screenshot_20200520-161445.pngScreenshot_20200520-161428.pngScreenshot_20200520-161420.pngScreenshot_20200520-161412.pngScreenshot_20200520-161404.pngScreenshot_20200520-161357.pngScreenshot_20200520-161348.pngScreenshot_20200520-161339.png

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