XCXplorer - 3rd Gen 2018 Toyota Tacoma Build

I look at overland vehicles as the mule of off-road vehicles and for this build I want it tough, compact and still being a daily driver. So I picked the trusty 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma.

Now I’m jumping into this build thread with a bit of progress under my wheels and a solid foundation for what’s to come.

I have address suspension for the time being choosing Icon Suspension opting for the stage 4 package with tubular upper control arms. Once the weight of living quarters are selected on the rear of the vehicle I will be going with OME Dakar leaf pack to carry the load.

When the rubber meets the road Toyo Open Country AT (285/70/R17) answered the call. I mated the Toyo meats to Method Vex rims in matte black and the look awesome and are durable as well.

The bottom side of the rig is completely armored with RCI aluminum skid from tip to tail. I chose aluminum since I’m not planning on being overly aggressive with the vehicle but still wanting a bit on insurance for when I do dice it up on some rocky trail.

While I was at it I also picked up RCI rock sliders for panel protection and I think the RCI sliders will handle the rigors of the trails and will be a good step for reaching item on the roof rack.

With plans for a Baja Design Lights, winch and other electrical needs I jump into the Off-Grid Engineering Dual Battery Kit stuffing two Deka Intimidator Battery, 9A35/85 AGM together on the front drivers side of the vehicle. The kit comes with the Blue Sea 7622 ML-ACR 500 amp, dual voltage sensing relay with interior remote switch. Handing the distribution from the Aux battery is the SPOD 4x4 Universal 8-Circuit SE with Touch Screen.

Also under the bonnet is the ARB Twin Air Compressor with Slee Off-Road mounting bracket for airing up tires and potential air lockers in the future. I still haven’t decide what the commitment level is yet but regearing will be necessary so I’m leaning towards air lockers since diffs will already be out for the regearing operation.

I have other toys that I will be pulling around with a trailer. With the lighter weight of a Tacoma a trailer with e-brakes is pretty important. To handle those duties of controlling the e-brakes is the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Trailer Brake Controller. The dial controller mounts cleanly on the dash with main unit mounted remotely out the way.

This is currently where the build up stands but C4 Fabrication front and rear bumpers are on the way and making some decision on how to go with roof top tent or some other topper camper set-up.

If your interested in some of the daily updates you can check out my IG feed.
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Great photos and nicely setup truck. Will follow along!

More details on the trailer? I spot a 1up USA bike rack on it!
The trailer is Ruger Trailer out of Colorado. I had some adjustments made to the trailer as I need to be able to load two motorcycles on it along with storing dirt bike and camping gear.

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So spent some time exploring some tracks with the Hema Map software and running a shack down on some of the work so far on the Taco build. Does anyone have experience using the Hema Map software any opinions?

I had gone on a pretty dusty and silty sections of roads about a month back and wanted to see how the filter performs with the inlet stock location and overall not bad but the Tacoma took on a bit of dust in the air box and on the filter with a drive that was only 8 hours long. Seemed to be a bit much for such a short amount of time. So I sprung for the ARB snorkel for cleaner air and future aquatic adventures.

On another note C4 Fabrication front and rear bumpers are on the way and should be here any day.

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These builds always take time when strategizing on how to best spend your time and money. I just received C4 Fabrication front and rear bumpers which I will be sending off to powder coating at the local powder coater in Hurricane, Utah.

The front bumper will be carrying a Warn Winch 10K rating with a synthetic line, 4 Baja Design XL80s (recycled from previous vehicle), and Baja Design OnX6 30 inch light Bar (also recycled from previous vehicle).

I will be updating with photos as things progress.

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Love what I see so far! It's a process for sure and they are never "really" done no matter how much we tell ourselves that haha. At least you are only focusing your time/money on one rig, add one or two more that need the same things at the same time and it becomes nearly impossible to decide what to do for which vehicle and when lol.
Some exploring near home and found a pretty sweet camp spot as well.

BUILD UPDATE: C4 Fabrications bumpers are now powder coated with Warn Winch installed. Will start tackling the job of mounting the bumpers.

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Update on the Tacoma with the new C4 Fabrication high clearance bumper all set with a set of Baja Designs Squadron work light pointed out back and wired to the sPOD. Bush walker fender flares also have been added as well to keep a bit of the mud slinging up on the truck and trailer that I pull. Most the flares add a bit of a rugged look to the stance of the vehicle.

Now off to install front bumper. Once it’s all in I will go get some quality photos.

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Sometimes you have to enjoy the fruits of your labor. So I headed out to Pahrump, Nevada to enjoy some moto time.

Locked and loaded: Tacoma, dirt bike and off road trailer all ready for some action.

2016 KTM690 Enduro R with some upgraded suspension, MotoMinded Light Kit and so much more. Just can’t leave it stock when its potential has not been reached.

Some of the action from the road book rally.

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