Xpedition Camper out of Minnesota


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We are using 1/2" Baltic Birch. Super strong and lighter than conventional cabinets. We will be getting this on the scale within the week. Will post results.


Supporting Sponsor: Haf Xpedition Camper
Finished fabrication of sub frame and have mounted it to the chassis. While the camper is not quite finished yet, we have decided to bring it to Expo. But before we mounted it, the body was placed on our scale four weigh in. Less than 3200 pounds-not to bad. We still need to install the fridge, air conditioner on roof and some miscellaneous items. Looks like a 4,000 pound camper-wet is what we have.


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I got to check out this camper in person on my way through St.Paul and came away extremely impressed. Pete is super nice and we talked campers for a few hours before I had to hit the road. If you are in the area or at expo definitely check it out, it looks like it could handle a lot of abuse and last a lifetime. Can't wait until I can upgrade from my current camper.


Supporting Sponsor: Haf Xpedition Camper
Soory for late response. Been out of country for a couple weeks on business trip.
Rear of camper is 10'-3" above ground.

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Preface: Stand by for a rant of support. :)

So happy to have found this thread. I have been mulling over industry options for a couple years to meet the mixed use needs here in Colorado. I consistently come away deflated, given the massive delta between cost and capability. Feels like the standard RV industry as a whole remains lazy, selling throw away RVs day in and day out because few are pushing the envelop at a similar pricepoint. The fact that campers from 10+ years ago are barely distiguishable from current models other than the yellowing of materials just proves the point.

Most expo companies on the other hand shoot the moon on every option, yeilding a product that most can't reach. There has to be a reasonable mid/upper ground through well thought out engineering/fabrication and a desire to feed a very hungry market. This seems to be where your head is at, and I applaud all involved. Would love an affordable rig that can handle some use here in the rocky mountains, that also doesn't look like the interior was modeled after grandmas favorite china cabinet on the inside. For example; I was very excited by your original cabinet design; very classy and functional. I hope the new birch process yields a similar modern clean look that carries through the interior. Also love the modular design, so you can build out as additional features are needed and customize to the user.

Sub'd and very excited. I'm on the edge of buying an RV/XV and am previously from MN, so I'll definitely be in touch to see if you might be able to help me with a few ideas I have.

Ps. As someone else said above, kudos for taking in advice from the group here and making throughtful changes while still in the shaping process. A whole lot of experience behind all those keyboards.

Keep up the great work Pete! Can't wait to see how these designs come out!



Crypto2k said:
the standard RV industry as a whole remains lazy, selling throw away RVs day in and day out because few are pushing for anything different and thousands of people will happily purchase said crappy RV with a "grandma's china cabinet" interior
Fixed it for you. I could not agree more. Looking forward to Pete's update. Hopefully his shop is heated and he is working away like a little elf :D