Y62 Armada question

All - been a very long time since I posted on here. I recently bought a new Y62 Armada and really like it - powerful, comfortable, body on frame, and traditional low range transfer case. Anyway, on to my question. When I plugged my 12V fridge into the outlet in the back I found out that it only has power to it when the truck is running! Do you guys know a way that I can bypass this? Or will I need to wire up something special straight from the battery? Thanks in advance for you advise.
I'm sure it was done as a battery saver. Don't want people wanting to run stuff back there and run the battery down. My Xterra was made before such logic and is always hot. I added a solar panel that feeds into that circuit so the original fuse is now a charge fuse when not sending power to the fridge.

I would have to spend some time looking over the schematics and see how it is powered. Mainly what other items are on the same switched power supply. It might be as easy as jumping a relay. On some vehicles/circuits I have pulled the fuse and added an inline fuse that one side plugs into the fuse output and the other takes power from an unswitched power source. But that was on old style fuse blocks that used big fuses. These small fuses it doesn't work so easy. There is always the add a new power outlet or cut the wire and run a new power wire to the outlet.

I don't have the schematics available right now. I'll try and find some time to look them up next week or two.
@Jake - there is a lot to love about this truck! The power outlet is my only complaint. I bought the SV model (bottom trim level) and it suites me great. Most of the fancy electronics are not included and it has 18” wheels (instead of 20”+) which is a big plus in my book. You should buy one :)

@Bronco - I haven’t looked into the electronics in detail either. I figured this is a good place to start my research. Thanks for the insight!
Looked through the wiring diagrams. The rear power outlet is a little more difficult. To make it live all the time it will either be a fuse jumper or cut and splice.
The front power outlets (dash and center console) are a lot easier to make live all the time. There is a relay by the driver's right knee that if you jump the contacts it will make those two outlets live with no ill effects.
You have several options...Cut and splice as mentioned above. Or add a second battery. A second battery is a much better idea as you don't want to run your starter battery flat. The Aussie Y62 forums and Facebook pages have lots of links on dual battery systems.