Yakima Skyrise vs Tepui Ayer vs Front Runner Featherlite


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Any thoughts on these 3 RTTs? Thinking about trailer mounting one, the two person seems plenty larger for my wife and I and I prefer as compact and light as possible. I was able to check out the Yakima in person and it seems pretty well built and breathable.


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I like the size of the Yakima Skyrise "Medium"....seems plenty large for 2...althought they classify it as a 3 person.

The build quality and the mounting setup seem very good. We'll see how it performs after using it this Spring/Summer.
As a Tepui owner I'd recommend checking out Tepui's Baja series which are made of the same 210D nylon & you'll be able to easily switch out your canopy with mesh or canvas with their patented zipper gimp. I saw one of the new Skyrise tents at my local REI this weekend & asked to see some detailed specs on that breathability claim since it looked like standard PU coating to me.
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I have an Ayer. It fits nicely on the jeep and opens to the rear. I use it solo 50% and with my 8 year old the other 50. I would personally buy one of the 56" wide tents if I was doing it over. 48 is okay, but tight, especially in driving rain, snow, anything that makes you not want to touch the tent sides.
We have run a Tepui Ayer for about a year and a half now and absolutely love it. My wife and I, plus our dog on occasion, sleep in it just fine. It's been through all kinds of weather from clear sunny days to torrential down pours with heavy winds and it's held up great. We have enjoyed our Tepui so much and had so many people ask about it that we actually decided to become a dealer for them. I'll send you a PM with more information on the Ayer and our experiences.