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Haf-E I live close to TR as well, seems we are neighbors. I've been in a few times and they are very helpful and build nice stuff still working with them.

I talked to Staz a while back when I was thinking about double bead lock steel, I should give them a call and ask about alloys.
Best argument is alloys are lot-lot lighter. You can go for 325/85x16" tyres and they certainly have tyres that are capable of handling higher loads. Our military use them on armored troop carriers Mitchelin XML 137J rating (2300Kg at 100Klms/hr, 5071Lbs at Roughly 60Mph ) I believe and there has to be others. If you go steel and they have a lock ring and not one piece then you need to run tubes and that then dictates how much you can air down your tyres.

Amesz00 I think the problem with 16s is they can't handle the load as a super single, unless you've found one that can?
11.00 and 325/85 will both take the weight easily as a single. MPT81 275/80r20 will as well, that's a little easier to fit at 37". Not much sidewall though. You'd probably have to get custom rims made for any of them that can take the weight too.
Charlieaarons Looks like a great tire! I haven't found any wheels that have that kinda load rating in 16inch let alone that fit a Fuso. Anyone know of a 16?
Bump for MRAP/FMTV wheels

Has anyone looked at running the MRAP 20x10 wheels with an adapter? I just started looking into it and am still looking for the back spacing info. But it seems they can be had pretty easily for <$100/wheel from ebay and military surplus yards. Alluminum wheels weigh in somewhere just uner 50lbs each, 10,000lb DOT rating... With the difference in price seems like it wouldnt be too dificult to come up with an adapter and still be $$$ ahead.

Does anyone have any experiece with how much usefull deflation one would be able to acheive with a 37-40" LT tire mounted on a 20" rim? I know there was some earlier discussion that the 19.5s didn't offer very good deflate characteristics. So I'm wondering if that's due to the difference in available sidewall or the belting difference between an LT tire and a commercial tire. (assuming all 19.5s are commercial where the 17s and 20s are going to have more LT characteristics). As far as load capabilities with tire options at the 20" size... just a quick search shows multiple manufactures. Toyo MT 37x13.50R20LT, load rating 127 (3858lbs), and E rated (10ply) construction.

Any thoughts?
Has anyone looked at running the MRAP 20x10 wheels with an adapter?
Any thoughts?
I have MRAP wheels (Atlas) on my MB1017AF and also own a '02 Fuso FG with super singles, and there is no way MRAP wheels will work on the FG.
1. They have a 100% offset (11-11.25" backspacing), so they will not be close to running in the same track when reversed. About 13+ inches off.
2. Unless you find the Unicorn of MRAP wheels, NSN 2530-01-479-2916, none of them will work reversed. All of the others have a step in the rim so they can not be mounted reversed on the rear, (although maybe you could counter that when you build your adapter?). Also, some have a built-in regulator that would interfer with reverse mounting.
3. The Atlas rims that will work reversed (but they have to be 'assembled' that way, so not flippable in the field), are about as easy to find as a 2007 Fuso FG with <10,000 miles.
4. If you order wheels from Hutchinson, they will cost about as much as a 2007 Fuso FG with <10,000 miles.
5. They have a huge load rating, about what a Fuso weights per wheel, so overkill and the related weight that goes with that. The steel wheels that are 50/50 offset would be a closer option (but still way off), I'm guessing from the 1/2 that I have, weight just under 100 lbs per wheel (then add in your adapter).
6. MRAP wheels are hub-centric, not stud-centric.

There is a thread over on Steel Soldier that has diagrams of all of the military wheels. You need to be signed in to view attachements at the website.

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