And I thought I was being extravagant buying a pair of ARB folding camp chairs for $50 each. $300 for a camp chair - no way.


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For $300 they should give a back massage at least.

I still use my pair of Kermits that we bought over 10 years ago to fit into the motorcycle saddlebags. I've broken parts and Kermit sends me the stuff to fix them for free.
Funny looking but reliable little chairs.

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please put me down for four (4) Gerrit Rietveld camp chairs in wormy chestnut w/ Danish oil finish. how much shipped to 02990? do you take PayPal?

thanks in advance
Now that you mention it, one of those chairs would be a dang good use of some quality lumber that you can't quite figure out what to do with. Here all I was thinking was scrap regular ol' 2x10...

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Yeti never has and never will get my money. They exemplify the over capitalistic rat race all of us on this forum are trying to escape.
Kelty chairs for me. Since Yeti decided to go full retard political, I will not be buying anything from them.

When I go camping, the last thing I want to chat about aroubd the campfire is fucking politics.

Kelty chairs for me and mine. As a bonus, I equipped my family of 4 for less than the price of just one Yeti chair!

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Aside from the ridiculously overpriced chair, if anybody has a Yeti cooler that they intend to blow up due to their misunderstanding of what happened with Yeti and the NRA, hit me up! Send me your Yeti and I'll send you a 10 lb bag of tannerite and a Coleman cooler, free of charge! This way, you'll get to blow something up for free and I get a dope cooler that otherwise I couldn't financially justify!

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A pretty good indication that what's being sold is more marketing than product.

Boy, some harsh comments. I looked at the description and it only seems like it's $60/TM:


They've gotta charge that much for all the trademark attorneys and marketing people, no? And wouldn't your butt be more comfy on a trademarked seat? :sombrero: Although looking at those names, they do sound kinda like a line-up of porn DVDs, although nothing wrong with that.