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I dont know if im ever going to get caught up or not, but thought I would post a few from Medic contracts. This first one was for the Ride To Cure Cancer, the riders rode from Canada to Washington. state.

Medic wise we saw lots of the stuff youd expect, did also see some pretty bad road rash, dislocated knee, concussion, a kid who bit all the way through his lower lip, almost removing it. It was a fun event to work, the base camp is massive and completely catered. Including massage tents and masseuses. They raise a lot of money and have a lot of fun. All the riders were insanely nice, and polite. They used A5-35 for everything. its like an icy hot with lidocane, so the area applies goes numb. Its actually not allowed in the US as the lidocane content is higher then our FDA allows. IMG-20160827-00201.jpg IMG-20160827-00203.jpg Mount Vernon-20160826-00200.jpg
This series was for a Spartan Race- Its an obstacle adventure race. with varying lengths each day.

This was up in Snohomish Washington, April 13th. I was there for three days. It was cold, rainy and overcast the entire weekend. They ran about 5000 people a day through, a lot of no shows though. We were overflowing with hypothermia patients steadily. I will say, Spartan does not mess around with their Medics, they staff heavy, and well trained equipped medics. The tent was even heated.

We saw roughy 500 patients in 3 days, pretty good considering. A few breaks, one broken ankle, another girl who dislocated her hip, and shatterted her knee. ( she had had knee surgery only a few weeeks ago, and honestly should not of done the race).

I have another coming up in September.

This is Base camp Sparta at dark, my first was a grave shift with another medic. A sparse contrast to the days activities. IMG_20180414_0312092.jpg IMG_20180414_0312187.jpg IMG_20180414_0312400.jpg IMG_20180414_0312498.jpg IMG_20180414_0316358.jpg IMG_20180414_0316464.jpg
I dont have many pictures of the obstacles, this hill_ was the starting line. The swinging rings, was the finish. This is not an easy race by all means, and is considered one of the toughest in the " adventure race" market. And for good reason.

IMG_20180415_1210584.jpg IMG_20180415_1404301.jpg